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Nigerian Silver Strain

What is the Nigerian Silver Strain?

The Nigerian Silver strain, sometimes referred to as Nigerian Haze, is not a cultivar you want to miss. This strain produces skinny buds laced with bright amber pistils and covered in trichomes. But the beauty of this flower is just the beginning—she’s built to deliver with an interesting lineage, the effects are uplifting and energetic, and the flavor is mouthwatering. Bound to become a favorite among those seeking an uplifting high, Nigerian Silver has a lot to offer. Below is a closer look at Nigerian Silver.

Nigerian Silver Strain Info

Strain Genetics

Nigerian Silver brings the best of both worlds to the table thanks to its genetic lineage. This weed strain is a cross between the super-smooth Nigerian Silk and Indica-dominant Northern Lights #5. This cross yields a strain that leans Sativa—usually around 70 percent depending on the cultivar. Plus, THC levels can run between 18 and 21 percent, but CBD levels are up to nearly 1 percent as well, which yields a nice energetic high. For an added punch of therapeutic value, some cultivars of the Nigerian Silver strain can have rich CBG levels.

Nigerian Silver Terpenes

Terpenes: Pinene, caryophyllene, myrcene, and ocimene

Nigerian Silver is a myrcene-dominant strain, but you also get a nice level of pinene, caryophyllene, and the rather rare ocimene. All this pulled together delivers a uniquely fragrant flower that smells something like tarred roses with a finish of tangy pineapple and wood. The flavor can have an interesting hint of mint, but its top notes are most often floral and earthy. Although some claim there’s a hint of diesel or even berries. Regardless of what your tinge picks up, you are bound to be impressed with the diversity teasing your tastebuds.

Nigerian Silver Strain Effects

Effects: Cerebral high with a body buzz and kick of creative focus

Nigerian Silver kicks off right away with a buzzy, all-over high that settles in without curbing focus. In fact, a lot of people claim this one is a go-to for days when they need to stay focused and keep going. You may even get a nice punch of creative inspiration and captivating energy, especially at first.

Nigerian Silver is a top choice for people with stress, anxiety, or depression due to its naturally uplifting nature. However, the fact that it pairs cerebral uplift with a nice, numbing body high makes it desirable for everyday discomforts. Plus, the high lingers for long after use, so you can easily get into your groove and stay there for a while.

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