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Posted on January 27th, 2021 by Canna Provisions


1906 Drops, the fastest-acting edible on the market (20 min), are moderately dosed with CBD, THC, and come in a whole range of effects and product lines.

Got your attention now?

Well, if that didn’t get your attention, maybe this will. We have them. And you should come visit us or pre-order now to find out why we’re so excited. You can also just keep reading.

As far as super effective plant medicine based pills to help enhance your day go, well, just look at that packaging.

1906 weedmaps chill go bliss genius midnight love pill thc cbd edible
That’s right. Plants + you = better you. 1906 Drops are here. In great packaging.

Did we mention this pill is plant based? Pharma-grade plant based? At this point that noise you hear is your body saying “hey, slow down, we want to read this.”

1906 plant power love chill midnight go bliss drops pills cannabis
If you’re reading this you’re not reading the other thing. You should get 1906 Drops now.


Quick tip about 1906 Drops: Drops are pills for swallowing.

1906 Drops are a toolkit of six plant-based experiences to optimize every part of your day. These thoughtful formulations combine THC and CBD, plus super-effective adaptogens and herbs for energy, arousal, relaxation, sleep, focus, and a happy mood.

1906 Drops have the fastest onset in the world, and because they kick in in less than 20 minutes, you don’t have to wait. 1906 uses a patented technology that speeds absorption and makes the THC and CBD more bioavailable.

And then came the testimonials. Keep reading and then order your 1906 Drops at Canna Provisions right now.


You may be asking “Hey Canna Provisions, what are the fast facts we need to remember?” And we’d tell you because 1906 uses rapid activation (20 minute onset) making it one of the fastest acting cannabis edibles out there.

So how does 1906 create six different formulas that do exactly what they promise? 1906 Drops combine CBD, THC, and thoughtfully selected plant medicines from all over the world to create distinct experiences for however you want to feel.

Look at the images. Those small dots are how 1906 Drops are designed. The come in an easy, familiar format, and as a result (and because you are familiar with pills) we say that’s pretty easy to remember. But these pills are for swallowing is the point we’re making.

1906 midnight drops genius drops love drops chill drops go drops bliss drops
1906 is here to drop some Bliss your way. Or help you Go. Or just Love harder. Maybe be more of a Genius. Or just Chill. Or, um, …Midnight. 1906 Drops.


They are discreet and ultra portable. Because they are vegan, gluten free, allergen free, dairy free, someone that wants to be free of meat and gluten and the other things can consume in confidence.

And, they have zero calories. That is also a good thing.


1906 Drops love bliss go midnight genius chill
1906 Drops. Love Drops. Genius Drops. Bliss Drops. Go Drops. Midnight Drops. All the drops.


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