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You’ve got to hand it to the people behind Fireball Cannabis Gummies.

Hang on we’ll get to it, we…..yes, like the whiskey. Just like Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey. But the cannabis version. Which is why it’s called Fireball Cannabis Gummies.

I think we’re all together here. So drop the metaphorical needle on whatever music and dance you do to get ready for either Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey or cannabis or Fireball Cannabis Gummies because WHOA BABY are they what they claim to be.

Especially the sativa part.

Fireball cannabis gummies sativa gummy experience canna provisions
It has a dragon on it. It is immediately cool. That it is a true sativa gummy – no there’s no whiskey in it – means your health and wellness routine just got more Fireball friendly. Check it out at Canna Provisions Lee, Canna Provisions Holyoke, or Easthampton.

“But is this thing filled with whiskey? And how good is it?” Someone in the back just said that, no doubt. And the answer is no to whiskey, yes to good. And we can prove it.

We thus turn to Canna Provisions in-house crackerjack team of brave product testers, reviewers, and researchers (it involves buying from the best selection of legal cannabis flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, and edibles like these Fireball Cannabis Gummies).

…And after a short interview of excessive nodding and some rather enthusiastic improvisational dancing, it would seem this is thumbs-up territory all around. Someone is running. Just….running.

Gotta be that sativa energy, like a slice of life. Be it great uplifting cannabis flower (especially when it’s extremely special) or Fireball Cannabis Gummies, Canna Provisions has the kind of selection that makes people say “wow that’s a great selection, man” and then say “WHOA ARE THOSE FIREBALL CANNABIS GUMMIES” and we get to say “yes” and “thanks” and everyone wins.

Fireball Cannabis Gummies. Cannabis for health and wellness. Fireball for cannabis sativa gummies. You’re not dreaming. It’s real.

Fireball cannabis gummies cinnamon sativa
If you ask the nearest person to you who works at Canna Provisions they’ll tell you these should be sampled to believe. Or go to to pre-order now for curbside pickup. You can also just take our word for it but, c’mon. We know each other better than that. These have you written all over it. See you at the store.


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