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PAX Labs was founded with the goal of creating responsible, enjoyable, and personalized vaporizer experiences. As an award-winning consumer technology brand, PAX products continue to represent the gold standard in product quality and they aim to be good stewards for a product and movement that enhances many people’s lives. These are the quality of products we carry at Canna Provisions.

Pax Labs was formed in June of 2017, when it spun out of JUUL as a separate and independent entity. At that time, JUUL Labs changed its name from PAX Labs, Inc. to JUUL Labs, Inc. and they took the name PAX Labs, Inc. This spin-off allowed PAX to focus on developing vaporization technologies for cannabis and other plant-based materials, and building their brand in the unique and complex cannabis market, and partnering with Canna Provisions is a key move for greater access to legal cannabis products in Massachusetts.

rythm pax
A gorgeous PAX pod by the folks at Rythm. Have you tried PAX for its discrete design and killer tech? More at

The loose leaf and extract vaporizer products are made with high quality materials and offer empowering experiences for those looking for a premium and discreet product. Their focus on design and innovation means they have best-in-class software and hardware, and provide tools so that you can personalize each and every experience.

Theirs is an exceptional team with hardware and software backgrounds in consumer technology, healthcare, and biotech, and are committed to delivering on their vision. As far as internal culture values diversity, integrity, having an impact, and passion for the larger movement that they are part of is the battle cry.

Which is great history. Now, let’s get into the products. At Canna Provisions, we carry various lines of PAX vaporizer pods from several Massachusetts extractors and operators. Rythm? Check. STRANE? Check. Sira? Check. And so on.

And just look at how sleek, elegant, discrete, and reliable the tech is below.

canna provisions pax 3 pax era pax era pro vaporizor strane rythm gti vaporizor pod
Some handsome PAX Era batteries in various colors. More at

Check out this bit about their Pax Finder/Beacon tech, and learn all about their app. From Low Pod Alerts and PAXFinder, PAXSmart-enabled Er pods with Era Pro, when you are using PAX vaporizer tech through the app you receive alerts when your pod is getting low. Once activated, PAXFinder saves the current address of the connected device so you can easily find it. For Era Pro on Android, you can use Beacon, a bluetooth powered signal strength indicator that enhances the PAXFinder experience. Check out the video below:

“Hey friends at Canna Provisions, I prefer a dual-use vaporizer that handles both oil based pods as well as whole ground cannabis flower vaporization,” you may have just said. Don’t worry, they have you covered:

Now on to the products. Think of a strain of cannabis found on the legal retail market in Massachusetts. Congrats you just pictured a PAX pod filled with that strain, and developed to be used in technology that understands the precise temperature to vaporize the contents as stated by the extractors and cultivators who grew the source strains themselves.

Here’s a snapshot of the kind of PAX pods you can find at Canna Provisions Lee, Canna Provisions Holyoke, and our Easthampton store. We’re talking Berry White, Blueberry AK, Cheese, Cherry Pie x Rhubarb Pie (high CBD!), Do-Si-Dos, and more.

Canna Provisions PAX flower oil vape rythm liberty strane pod
Prices may vary and change, but the quality of PAX and the availability of their pods in energy, balance, relax, sativa, hybrid, and indica is all available at Canna Provisions stores in Western MA.

NOTE: Use our super easy pre-order and curbside pickup options in the Berkshires and Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts to come grab some PAX products today!

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