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Posted on January 31st, 2021 by Canna Provisions


News is out about Canna Provisions being ground zero for procuring the first harvest of Wiseacre Farms Cannabis launch strain, Golden Bough.

You first heard about it here. Then you heard about it here. You may have even caught it in Northeast Leaf Magazine’s December issue highlighted as “Strain of the Month”. Which it was.

But not till this Benzinga article have you caught it in Benzinga (and by way of their content partnership, Yahoo! Finance):

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The Week In Cannabis from Benzinga, breaking down the biggest stories in national legal cannabis industry. More at

Canna Provisions announced the first harvest of Golden Bough, the launch strain of Wiseacre Farm Cannabis, which is now available at all retail locations in Massachusetts.

“I know how my sun [at Wiseacre Farm Cannabis] and how my soil works and my compost from the animals on my farm. I needed to pull some genetics from [cannabis] that was both strong, and able to finish at the latitude of the Berkshire hills, and I know within [Wiseacre Farm Cannabis] there is the genetic sequence that will thrive and be absolutely incredible here,” said Jon Piasecki, owner of Wiseacre Farm Cannabis.

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Benzinga logo, heavy on the zing. Did you know Canna Provisions Director of Cultivation is one of the legends of American cannabis? Find more at

Call us biased, but sounds like a plum reason to hang up your online searching of “dispensary near Springfield MA” and other related ways of finding the best selection of craft cannabis in Massachusetts. Because you don’t have to search. You found us.

And be it just another reason to come visit Western Massachusetts – particularly the Berkshires which magazines like Travel + Leisure and Conde Nast Traveller all say is the new place to make you happy when traveling (the legal cannabis helps) – Canna Provisions is the only place to find Golden Bough which you can read all about here.

Or you can check out just how good Golden Bough flower looks before shopping at Canna Provisions:

Wiseacre Farm Cannabis Golden Bough Canna Provisions Jon Piasecki
A tin of the famed Golden Bough cannabis flower – an earthy, citrus and pepper sun grown Berkshires artisanal outdoor cannabis flower like nothing else around. Exclusively found at IMAGE: @Weareoutpost


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