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Posted on April 14th, 2021 by Canna Provisions


For a certain breed of people, Burlington Vermont is a high-functioning weirdo’s artsy progressive rural enclave of cannabis enthusiasts dreams. And not just because of cannabis legalization, since Vermont only recently legalized recreational cannabis.

And for anyone in the journalism world – particularly the independent alt-weekly newspaper silo that is quickly dying because Facebook and capitalism – Seven Days is one of the true bastions of the form and the leader in the scrappy media world of the Green Mountain State.

And wouldn’t you know it? They wanted to get a look at a) a great Massachusetts dispensary to see how its presence has impacted a community akin to those in farmland and nature-rich Vermont, b) what that place looks and operates like, and c) talk to the town to see if they are as beloved as it would outwardly appear.

They found all that right here at Canna Provisions. Observe:

Seven Days newspaper AAN alt weekly canna land cannabis canna provisions Lee
The grand alt-weekly of Burlington VT hasn’t lost a step even in the days of news deserts and corporate takeovers. Proof: They came to see us. They know where the goods are.

From the piece by Colin Flanders: Meg Sanders, Canna Provisions’ cofounder, began her cannabis career in Colorado during the western weed boom of the late 2000s. She started and ran a chain of dispensaries called Mindful for seven years, then stepped down as CEO to consult with other upstart cannabis companies.

That led her to Massachusetts, where, after voters made weed legal in 2016, she and her business partner, Erik Williams, began eyeing potential spots for a new chain of retail stores.

Lee ranked high on their list due in part to its charm: A walk down the brick corridor that is Main Street leads visitors past two churches, three barbershops and Joe’s Diner, best known as the setting of Norman Rockwell’s famed Saturday Evening Post cover “The Runaway,” which shows a police officer sitting at a lunch counter next to a little boy who had fled his home.

But Sanders wasn’t willing to settle for just anywhere in Lee. “I said, ‘The only reason we should open in Lee is if we can get that location,'” Sanders recalled, referring to the lot where Canna Provisions now operates. “That is a home run.'”

It’s not hard to follow her thinking: The property is just 300 yards from Exit 2 of the Massachusetts Turnpike and 10 miles from the New York border.

Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 4.32.50 PM
Read the entire feature in Seven Days VT here.

It’s a great month for Vermont to be thinking about where they are going for legalization and examining the retail cannabis shops in Massachusetts that are doing it right. Why? Because Chemdog has just dropped.

Sure, New York just legalized marijuana, but did you see how Chemdog’s 3 Dog Giesel – exclusively being released this month at Canna Provisions, is Strain of the Month for Northeast Leaf Magazine?

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chemdog lab coat
Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski, Canna Provisions Director of Cultivation at our Berkshires grow.

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