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Women’s Rising Role in Cannabis

Women have historically been underrepresented in the US legal cannabis industry, but their influence is growing as more women ascend into positions of power. Whether through industry roles or political advocacy, the landscape is evolving.

The Canna Mom Show: A Platform for Voices in Cannabis

In an insightful episode of The Canna Mom Show from July 8, 2021, Meg Sanders, CEO of Canna Provisions, discusses the industry’s challenges and opportunities with host Joyce Gerber. Their conversation sheds light on women’s impact on the cannabis sector, emphasizing the need for more female leaders and entrepreneurs. The episode is named The Canna Mom Podcast: Meg Sanders Healing Our World Through Canna Conversations.

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Joyce Gerber, host of The Canna Mom Show, part of the Boston Podcast Network.

Meg Sanders’ Impact and Vision

Meg Sanders has been a pioneer, navigating the complex terrains of finance, operations, and politics within the cannabis space. Her journey is not just about leading Canna Provisions but also about fostering a supportive environment for women in the industry.

“There’s not a lot of people like me [in cannabis] that have the particular experience that I do [with operations, finance, and politics], especially for the length of time I have. So all these states that have [legalized], there’s not a lot of talent to fill those states so there are a lot of ‘green’ people in leadership roles…and I found a massive demand for consulting [which led] to working in California, Nevada, Illinois, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, and then Massachusetts.” – Meg Sanders

Other Meg Sanders quotes from the interview:

On falling in love with Massachusetts, The Berkshires, and Lee

“When I first drove the Mass Pike and hit that portion under the overpass with the sign announcing you are arriving into the Berkshires, and started into the valley, I immediately felt like I was home. It was such a refreshing area, with beautiful rivers, mountains, skiing…just an amazing chance to feel comfortable where I lived in a town that was great to us as cannabis operators. It was the a perfect storm of acceptability and opportunity for a Canna Provisions location 300 yards off the MA pike.”

On Holyoke on the rise and the Amsterdam of the East

“Holyoke is one of our other favorite towns in Massachusetts, and the goal of former Mayor and current government – which is to make Holyoke the Amsterdam of the Northeast (or even country for that matter) is a great goal. They want every aspect of cannabis there, not just grows and manufacturing and stores, but tourism and cannabis cafes and cannabis massage and cannabis yoga. Holyoke was once the wealthiest towns in the US per capita, and we hope to be the spark to be the thing that brings Holyoke back to its glory.”

Cannabis and Women Over 50: A Growing Trend

The use of cannabis among older adults, particularly women over 50, is on the rise, reflecting broader social acceptance and recognition of its medicinal benefits. Studies show that older women are increasingly turning to cannabis for health issues related to menopause and other age-related conditions. In a national survey, it was found that the percentage of US adults ages 65 and older reporting cannabis use has doubled in recent years, with many citing improvements in quality of life and pain management[link].

The Economic and Social Impact of Legal Cannabis

The legalization of cannabis has not only provided medical relief but has also spurred significant economic growth. The US cannabis industry is expected to reach almost $40 billion in 2024, with widespread support for legalization reaching record highs. Notably, the industry provides substantial tax revenue, often exceeding that of the alcohol sector in several states[link].

The Future Is Inclusive for women…if everyone does their part.

As the cannabis industry continues to expand, the role of women and the impact of older adult consumers will likely become more pronounced. By embracing diversity and leveraging the unique insights and experiences of women like Meg Sanders, the industry can achieve greater equity and innovation.


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