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Our Cannabis Flower Recommendations for a Chill Fall Season

The fall season is all about getting cozy and comfortable, but sometimes, our stress levels just don’t get the memo. Even though there are plenty of things to enjoy about fall – think vibrant autumnal leaves, apple pies, and laidback bonfire evenings – it’s tough to make the most of it if you’re overloaded with everyday anxieties.

Luckily, Canna Provisions has a lineup of stress-relieving strains that can help you wind down for fall and celebrate the season with a newfound chill level. Our favorite cannabis strains for relaxation are the perfect complement to fall, so you can make this season your best one yet. Whether you’re planning on kicking back in front of a warm fire, heading outdoors for a fall foliage hike, or hanging out in the kitchen with a batch of freshly-baked pumpkin bread, you’ll be feeling all the fall vibes.

Here are our top picks for the best cannabis strains for stress, rounded up in a handy list that will make it easy to enjoy your fall to the fullest.

The Best Strains for Fall

It’s not easy to pick our favorite zen-inducing cannabis strains, especially because our curated collection of Calming strains has an impressive variety of first-class options. But with the spirit of fall in our minds, we put together a well-rounded list of options that are ideal for minimizing stress levels this season.

Vanilla Frosting | The Botanist

Crafted by the Humboldt Seed Company, Humboldt Frost and Humboldt Gelato BX3 are easily recognizable for its rich vanilla aroma. You’ll instantly be reminded of the delicious array of baked goods that the fall season brings, making Vanilla Frosting a delightful addition to the autumnal season.

The profile rounds out with an element of citrus, which adds an unexpected twist that makes Vanilla Frosting stand out from the crowd. Characterized by effects such as deep relaxation and a calm sense of happiness, Vanilla Frosting is a strain best enjoyed on a cozy evening at home.

Crescendo | Nature’s Heritage

As potent in THC as it is in flavor, the Crescendo strain has a diverse genetic profile and a notably stress-relieving effect. The blend of I-95, Chemdawg, and Mandarin Cookies strains has created a powerful punch of relaxation, most popularly enjoyed by seasoned cannabis consumers. Picking apart the flavors of Crescendo is a complex task, especially because its taste is truly a symphony of delicious elements.

With notes of fruit, cookie dough, earth, citrus, and more, the Crescendo strain delivers an experience you won’t forget. Fans of Crescendo describe the experience as a sweeping wave of relaxation that hits very quickly – and many long-time loyalists recommend having a solid stock of snacks nearby.

Dosi Woah | Nature’s Heritage

A strain from the famed Nature’s Heritage, Dosi Woah, is a premium strain that will help you reach a calm level that will make fall fun again. The strong pine and gasoline flavors make Dosi Woah distinct, to say the least, while the relaxing effects might just make your stress melt away completely.

This strain is ideal for enhancing your favorite fall activities, such as taking in Massachusetts’ vibrant shades of fall leaves. After all, what better way is there to appreciate the beauty of nature than with one of the earth’s best products, cannabis at its finest?

High Chew | Gibby’s Garden

The High Chew strain is one of the more exotic options you’ll find at Canna Provisions and is easily one of our customers’ top favorites for Calming strains. With a sugary-sweet smell and candy flavor, High Chew pairs excellently with fall activities that bring out your fun side, like carving pumpkins and visiting a haunted house.

An exceptional sense of euphoria is the defining effect of High Chew, followed closely by a deep physical relaxation that will dissolve your worries. Sweet yet floral, it is a relaxing cannabis strain that you’re sure to enjoy.

Queen Mother Gogi

Queen Mother Gogi is one of the many strain options you have when shopping pre-rolls at our dispensaries in the Berkshires and the Pioneer Valley, providing you with a convenient option for maximizing your after-summer relaxation levels. The rich, fruity profile marries hints of berries, black cherry, and even Hawaiian punch, rounded out with a hint of spice that’s unequivocally autumn-esque.

With genetic roots that can be traced back to some of the most timeless strains, Queen Mother Gogi will calm your mind and sharpen your sense of focus. You’ll feel completely at ease, yet ready to tackle anything – might we suggest enjoying it by exploring some of the many things to do in Massachusetts in the fall?

Ghost of Leeroy OG

It’s hard to think of a strain name more fitting for the season of Halloween than the Ghost of Leeroy OG. Don’t let the spooky-inspired strain name fool you, though; because this is one of the best routes to complete relaxation out there. Made by combining the potent Lee Roy strain with Ghost OG, the Ghost of Leeroy OG is offered in a pre-roll at Canna Provisions.

Citrusy, earthy, and woodsy, Ghost of Leeroy OG tastes like a peaceful autumn stroll, complete with fresh, crisp air and a rainbow of leaves in every fall color imaginable.

How to Pick a Cannabis Strain that Suits Your Chosen Cannabis Journey

We all want something unique for our own cannabis experience, whether it’s to unwind as the chilly fall temperatures arrive, boost our energy levels for the busy holiday season, or achieve a renewed sense of balance year-round. One of the biggest benefits of making Canna Provisions your Massachusetts dispensary of choice is how easy it is to shop for strains that match your desired experience.

By splitting our menu into three simple categories – Calm, Energy, and Balanced – we eliminate the guesswork usually associated with trying new strains. Forget sorting through technical terminology to choose a new-to-you strain; here, it’s as easy as selecting a journey that suits your goals. Plus, with our expert guides at the ready, you’ll be more than ready to start the right foot season.

Find a Strain for Every Season at Canna Provisions

At the Canna Provisions dispensaries in the Berkshires and the Pioneer Valley, you’ll find a carefully curated selection of cannabis strains and products to suit you. Our knowledgeable guides are here to support your cannabis journey, helping you choose a path that aligns with your ideal experience. From our zen-inducing Calm strains to the pick-me-up Energy strains and all the Balanced options in between, there’s something for everyone at our Massachusetts dispensaries.

Enjoy fall to the fullest potential by aiming for the ultimate in relaxing cannabis strains, a full menu of which you can browse online or at one of the Canna Provisions locations. For more information about our fall favorites, or help choosing the best strain for stress relief, visit the Canna Provisions near you today.

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