Cropped photo of the sativa Smash Stash 14g preroll pack jar

Posted on February 14th, 2024 by Canna Provisions

Sativa Smash Stash Half Ounce 14g Preroll Pack

the Revival of NYC Haze and the ENTRANCE OF Exquisite Zour Diesel at Canna Provisions IN THE SATIVA SMASH STASH HALF OUNCE WITH 14 1G PREROLLS IN EACH JAR

Welcome to the latest spotlight from Canna Provisions, your go-to source for unique and potent cannabis strains and the best weed menu in MA. Today, we delve into the fascinating world of NYC Haze, brought to the Massachusetts adult-use market by the legendary Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski through the Smash Hits brand, and the introduction of the exceptional Zour Diesel.Both strains showcase the innovation and quality that Canna Provisions and Smash Hits are renowned for. Both come featured in the staff and customer favorite: Sativa Smash Stash Half Ounce 14g Preroll Pack jars. They are convenient and portable, and filled with award-winning hand-packed Smash Hits flower.

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Unveiling NYC Haze: A Landrace Legacy

The Remarkable Comeback of NYC Haze

Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski, an iconic figure in East Coast cannabis cultivation, has reintroduced the classic NYC Haze, also affectionately known as “The Piff, to enthusiasts and legacy market cannabis consumers with memory going back to the OG days. Esteemed for its medicinal qualities, NYC Haze is a strain that invigorates and motivates, perfect for those days when you need an extra boost to tackle your chores. However, its potent effects might not suit everyone, with some users experiencing a touch of anxiety if they aren’t ready for the high-energy impact of The Piff.

Rarity in the Market: Landrace Sativas

Erik Williams, Co-Founder and COO of Canna Provisions, highlights the scarcity of landrace strains, particularly sativas like NYC Haze, in today’s market. Its unique appearance and genetics set it apart from other offerings, underscoring the brand’s commitment to providing diverse and high-quality cannabis options.

Similar strains to NYC Haze include Lemon OG Haze, Blue Dream, and Super Lemon Haze, each offering a unique citrus twist and an energetic, balanced high.

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Zour Diesel: A Symphony of Flavors

Introducing Zour Diesel: The Best of Both Worlds

In addition to NYC Haze, the sativa selection of Canna Provisions boasts the Zour Diesel, a masterful cross of Sour Diesel and Zkittles. This strain represents a harmonious blend of two iconic cannabis profiles, offering users a singular experience that combines the best aspects of both parents. Leafly has an entry for Zour Diesel directly attributed to Chemdog, Smash Hits, and Canna Provisions about it. Have you had Zour Diesel yet? Go give it a review over there!

Crafted for Excellence

The Smash Hits team has carefully cultivated Zour Diesel in their Sheffield craft facility, aiming to fuse the sugarfruit sweetness of Zkittles with the sour grapefruit and diesel notes of Sour Diesel. The result is a strain that elevates your cannabis experience to new heights, promising a complex and satisfying profile.

Similar strains to Zour Diesel include Chem’s Fruit Stand, Zkittle Head, Sour Diesel, Sour Diesel ’98, each offering a unique tropical and gassy profile with sour and sweet notes throughout for a long energy-driven high and fantastic terpene profile.

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Cropped photo of the sativa Smash Stash 14g preroll pack jar

Enhance Your Collection with THE SATIVA Smash Stash Half OUNCE

Canna Provisions introduces the Smash Stash Half, a curated glass jar containing 14 1g prerolls of sativa strains, including NYC Haze and Zour Diesel. Color-coded by strain, this collection invites you to explore and enjoy the rich tapestry of flavors and effects that Smash Hits and Canna Provisions offer.

Canna Provisions continues to stand out in the cannabis industry by offering rare, high-quality strains that cater to a wide array of preferences and needs. With the revival of NYC Haze and the introduction of Zour Diesel, they underscore their commitment to innovation and excellence. Whether you’re seeking the energetic uplift of a landrace sativa or the complex flavor profile of a crafted hybrid, Canna Provisions has something special for every connoisseur.

Remember to check back for more information other exciting offerings from Canna Provisions and Smash Hits by signing up for our High Rollers program, and checking out the daily features and bundles at Canna Provisions Lee recreational dispensary near NY, as well as Canna Provisions Holyoke recreational dispensary near CT. Experience the pinnacle of cannabis cultivation and enjoy the diverse, high-quality selections that only we can provide.

The Smash Stash half was highlighted by our friends at Talking Joints Memo (TJM) which continue to cover the Massachusetts adult-use dispensary and recreational cannabis scene better than most in the Bay State. Check out the story “New Drop Alert: Preroll Packs Of Piff From Chemdog“.

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