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420 Friendly Camping Locations in Massachusetts

“Not all who wander are lost.” – JRR Tolkien

Hiking is the thrill of being immersed in nature, taking in the sights and the sounds, and discovering something new. Hitting a trail is a favorite pastime for a lot of MA residents—the state actually boasts over 2,000 miles of trails, many of which lead to one of the more than 400 waterfalls (so literally, you can go chasing waterfalls).

However, hiking stoned? Well, that adds a whole new level of enjoyment to any hiking excursion. And, if you can make your way to some weed-friendly campgrounds in the process, well that’s an experience about as close to perfection as you can get. We’ve got the details on cannabis friendly campgrounds, where to hike, and more.

Where to Find 420 Friendly Camping in Massachusetts

Camping in Massachusetts is just a fact of life for a lot of the locals. When you live in a state that has literally dozens of top-rated campsites, you never have to travel far to get to a fascinating place to pop a tent and drop a sleeping bag. Nevertheless, Massachusetts is still a relatively new weed-legal state, so not a lot of public campgrounds owned by the state condone cannabis use on-site.

However, you will find a few privately owned campgrounds that will have no qualms about you chilling with your weed at the campsite. Check with the policies of any particular campground, be discreet, and be responsible. And, some campgrounds are so private and secluded that you could likely enjoy cannabis without being bothered or discovered. You can always stick to more inconspicuous cannabis products if you want to unwind under the stars.

MA is home to 30 campgrounds governed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, and this isn’t counting the many private campgrounds. A few top camping destinations in MA include:

Looking for a 420-Friendly Airbnb in New England?

You can also find a few good places on Airbnb that are 420-friendly by searching for “420-friendly Airbnb New England” on Google. The Cabin in the Woods in the Berkshires is just one good example if you prefer cannabis-friendly camping. However, you can also find full houses, private rooms, and apartments that are perfectly fine with cannabis-consuming guests. Always look for the “420 friendly” or “cannabis friendly” designation on Airbnb listings, and if you’re not certain, simply ask the host what they do and don’t allow.

Top Hiking Locations in MA

You can find so many great places to pound the dirt in Mass, with or without weed involved. But there are a few good ones that offer incredible views, relatively easy trails, and some excellent private spots to sit back and take in nature along the way. A few good hiking trails to consider include:

Camping in Massachusetts? Don’t Forget a Trip to a Massachusetts Dispensary Along the Way

As you make your way out into the natural wilderness of Mass, be sure to swing by a good dispensary to grab your cannabis before you go. You’ll find Canna Provisions dispensaries in both Lee and Holyoke, and our menus are always fully stocked with everything from top-notch bud to edibles. If you’re in a hurry, check out our menu online and place an order for pickup, so your selection will be ready when you arrive.

420 Friendly Camp & Trail Map:

Smoking Weed and Hiking

In the mood for a good, scenic hike in the natural beauty of MA? Grab your cannabis and pick a map—there are trails crisscrossing the state in some of the most enticing locations you can imagine. Whether you’re at one of the weed friendly campgrounds or you simply want to make a day of relaxing your mind and connecting with nature, a good trail is always within reach.

So, why do smoking weed and hiking go together? Cannabis seems to enlighten a natural bridge that connects the human mind to the natural world. Many people find that they can enjoy hiking and exploring nature when they are using cannabis when they may have physical impediments that prevent those experiences otherwise. Here are a few things to keep in mind about smoking weed and hiking:

  • Safety and Etiquette – Be respectful around others, especially children. Know what route you intend to take so you don’t get lost, and consider bringing along a friend. For some, camping can be a better alternative than hitting a trail because you have a home base to chill at once you get a buzz.
  • What to Bring – Grab some extra water for dry mouth and extinguishing anything you smoke. If you prefer, cannabis vapes or cannabis edibles are a good alternative to burning joints in an area where fire may be risky.
  • Legal Considerations – Steer clear of national or federal land, and make sure you know the policies on cannabis use wherever you choose to hike. Some state-owned properties can still decide they don’t want cannabis use within certain areas.

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