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Posted on February 5th, 2021 by Canna Provisions


What time does the Super Bowl start. That’s usually the first thing someone thinks of on game day.

Or before game day.

Or when they are planning a roster of delicious food things to have around for those big Super Bowl parties. Or small Super Bowl parties. Or any party for that matter.

But right now we are talking Super Bowl Sunday. And, how to have delicious cannabis products and infusions and dosed foods at your side. By doing so, and we just checked our Very Scientific Team Of Very Big Brained Scientists and they have also confirmed it because they are smart that’s why we call them scientists, you will have a fantastic Super Bowl.

Anyway, we’re talking SNACKS. Plenty of options. Think something small, delicious, maybe a little sweet. Maybe a little salty. Super Bowl tailgating food recipes using cannabis. You know. America.

You can go classic, sure. Hot Sauce + Wings. Naturally. Lucky for you we carry Pique cannabis-infused hot sauce by Tropizen.

WHAT IS PIQUE CANNABIS INFUSED HOT SAUCE you just said in all-caps inside your mind, and we heard you because we’re in tune like that.

This is Puerto Rico’s favorite hot sauce. It loves using local peppers. And it loves being cannabis-infused for you too, because it’s already delicious. So something that is cannabis-infused and delicious and great for making Super Bowl game snacks is going to be a home run.

To review: this is cannabis-infused hot sauce for making spicy wings that are cannabis wings. Great, right? You can pick some up right now at Canna Provisions Lee, Canna Provisions Holyoke and our Easthampton, MA store.

pique puerto rico hot sauce cannabis dosed buffalo wings chicken wings canna provisions
The math is simple. Add Pique to foodstuffs, foodstuffs become spicy and cannabis dosed and more delicious. Try for yourself head to the menu at www.cannaprovisionsgroup.com

But this year it’s different. This year you’re doing things unlike other years.

No we’re not talking about the impact of COVID-19 on Super Bowl LV parties. That’s your business.

We’re talking about our business. Namely, showing you how to make cannabis infused Buffalo Chicken Dip because legal cannabis is fantastic and Canna Provisions loves you and wants you to be happy.

Also our business: Carrying the best selection of craft cannabis flower, marijuana edibles, topicals, concentrates, vaporizers, and unique delicious dosed cannabis products. You bet.

Horny Goat Weed filled intimacy-inducing romantic aids in the form of delicious passionfruit cannabis chews from our pals at Betty’s Eddies? Sure.

And of course: Pique, Puerto Rico’s favorite hot sauce made with local peppers and a true love of cannabis infused hot sauces. And that’s what you’ll be using for this trip into dip-land gloriousness.

But first a quick reminder:

superbowl super bowl superbowl LV cannabis flower canna provisions
Don’t read this read the words on the image they have a point. Find your flower at www.cannaprovisionsgroup.com

There, now that we’ve covered that, and because we really want you to #betteryourjourney with cannabis, we have arrived at the recipe and instructional for Pique-dosed cannabis-infused hot sauce Buffalo Chicken Dip. Yet another in our DIY: Dose It Yourself! series on the Canna Provisions YouTube page. 

DIY Dose It Yourself buffalo chicken dip cannabis dosed canna provisions
Step one. Make this face. Get your ingredients and your cannabis-dosed Pique hot sauce at Canna Provisions, but also, make this face.


DIY Dose It Yourself buffalo chicken dip cannabis canna provisions
Step Two: Look lovingly at the food you are about to prepare with Puerto Rico’s favorite hot sauce.


DIY Dose it Yourself pique cannabis dosed hot sauce canna provisions Super Bowl buffalo chicken dip
Be sure you have Pique cannabis dosed hot sauce on hand because this Super Bowl is your year to eat cannabis dosed tailgating snacks. More at www.cannaprovisionsgroup.com


DIY Dose it yourself buffalo chicken dip cannabis dosed hot sauce
If needed, pretend like you are a DJ in a scratch battle. It can calm the food prep nerves, should there be any. Make little record-scratching noises with your mouth too. It’s fun.


DIY Dose it yourself super bowl buffalo chicken dip cannabis dosed hot sauce Pique
Now get into it. Review your ingredients. REMEMBER: We dose after it’s all cooked and cooled off a bit to preserve the active cannabinoids and potency of the Pique hot sauce. It’s in the video available on Canna Provisions YouTube page.


DIY Dose it Yourself buffalo chicken dip super bowl pique hot sauce cannabis
After you watch how to prep everything, you then add it to a slow cooker and mix it well and if you need to go YEEEEAAAAHHH as Audrey is doing go right ahead it’s your dip and your Super Bowl fun.


DIY Dose It Yourself buffalo chicken dip pique cannabis dosed hot sauce
Look closely. You’ll see that Pique cannabis-dosed hot sauce has a little perfect dosing measuring spoon with the package. Dose accordingly. Check out the video on YouTube and head to the menu on www.cannaprovisionsgroup.com


DIY Dose it Yourself Canna Provisions Pique Puerto Rico hot sauce cannabis dosed Super Bowl
What time does the Super Bowl start? Right when you dose your Buffalo Chicken Dip with Pique Puerto Rican cannabis-infused hot sauce that’s when. Pre-order and curbside pickup available now at www.cannaprovisionsgroup.com
super bowl canna provisions edibles flower marijuana
Football. Butter. Chicken Wings. Pique Hot Sauce. Distillate for cannabis dosed butter which you can learn how to make here. Cannabis Flower. You’re not asleep this is all ready for you to purchase (the cannabis anyway) at www.cannaprovisionsgroup.com       

Check out our online menus at our stores for the marijuana flower, prerolls, edibles, topicals, concentrates, and other goodies to help deal with the stress, anxiety, physical or existential pain that 2020 has brought upon you.

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