The Influence of Cannabis on Social Media

Posted on August 14th, 2020 by Canna Provisions

The Cannabis Influence on Social Media

Odds are, you spend a substantial chunk of time every day scrolling through your social media feeds. The numbers don’t lie – more than three billion people* are logging on to social media worldwide, putting you in good company as you hit those “Like” and “Share” buttons.

Considering the pivotal role of social media in our daily lives, it’s not surprising that the most popular platforms are many people’s go-to source for the latest in trending topics and breaking news. One of the latest waves of content to sweep the world of social media is cannabis, with efforts headed by canna-businesses and advocates, and influencers alike. Interestingly, it seems like the social media giants weren’t quite ready for the level of passion that tends to run deep in the cannabis community. As it turns out, cannabis has shaped up to be quite the influencer when it comes to the age of social media.

From social media cannabis educators and trendy influencers to global brands sharing valuable knowledge, there’s no doubt that cannabis has made a significant impression on social media. We’re taking a look at how to find great cannabis content on social media – and even share some yourself – and make your feed a little greener.

Cannabis-Friendly Social Media Accounts You Should Be Following

Searching for a few new marijuana-inspired accounts to add to your daily social media scrolling? Whether you’re spending your time on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter, cannabis is showing up in a big way, thanks to a handful of innovative content creators, brands, and activists. Here are a few great cannabis accounts that are worth a follow:

    • Dr. Sanjay Gupta (@drsanjaygupta): An award-winning medical correspondent, expert neurosurgeon, and patient advocate, Dr. Gupta has used his expertise to fight for cannabis legalization and CBD education.
    • Jessica Catalano (@chefjessicacatalano): Nicknamed the “OG Cannabis Chef,” Catalano is known for whipping up delicious and creative cannabis-infused dishes, sharing cannabis cooking tips with her many followers.
    • Krishna Sai Andavolu ( Host of Viceland’s WEEDIQUETTE, Andavolu has established himself as a go-to source for all things cannabis.

How to Share the Cannabis Love Without Getting Flagged

When it comes to cannabis, social media networks can sometimes be a little slow to keep up with the times. Whether your network of choice is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, cannabis content can be tricky territory to navigate. Keep these tips in mind, and you can share your Canna Provisions passion without a flagged account ruining the fun:

    • Check the platform’s specific posting rules and guidelines, so you can be confident that your content is within bounds.
    • If your favorite brand posts something you love, it’s as easy as clicking “share” or “repost” to show your followers what you’re all about.
    • Consider setting up an account on social media platforms that are exclusively focused on cannabis content, like Leafwire or Duby.

Connect with Canna Provisions Today

At Canna Provisions, our mission has always been to guide our customers on their journey to the ideal cannabis experience. Whether we’re achieving that at the dispensary with the help of our on-site guides or connecting with people as a leader in cannabis on social media, we’re always seeking to serve as a trusted source for all the latest cannabis news, information, and product debuts.

Are you interested in enhancing your social media feed with a generous dose of interesting cannabis content? Find Canna Provisions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, and join our flourishing community today.

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