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When Travel + Leisure magazine rolls out a great feature touting the ability to stay in a Gilded Age mansion in the Berkshires, calling it “the perfect setting for a romantic winter getaway”, we tend to stand at attention.

When that mansion is the Blantyre, a tucked away 1902-built palace, one of the 12 last Gilded Age mansions sprinkled through the Berkshires, we get even more excited.

The history. The opulence. The proximity to the best selection of legal recreational cannabis in Massachusetts (more on that below). Let’s get into it.

travel and leisure cover canna provisions
Cover of the January 2021 Travel + Leisure print issue cover which doesn’t include but it should we’re pretty great.

From Travel + Leisure:

Though undeniably grand, the Relais & Chateaux hotel doesn’t shun its homey charms: Books — shelves of them lining the hallways — are on loan, and a chess set can be found in the Music Room for guests who fancy some friendly competition. There are only 24 accommodations in the entire place — spread across the Manor and Carriage House, plus secluded, standalone cottages — only adding to the intimate atmosphere. Rooms have four-poster beds, fireplaces, soaking tubs, and undulating views of the surrounding hills.

Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. T+L continues:

“Your keys are in the bunny bowl,” the hotel’s general manager said warmly after escorting us to our room, pointing to a brass rabbit-shaped dish. Staff is always smiling, eager to share ideas for activities nearby — and there are plenty.

This is in line with some previous celebrating of a perfect getaway to the Berkshires by T+L, with an earlier feature touting the boon of Lenox, West Stockbridge and Lee area, and Great Barrington:

We drove on to the two-road town of West Stockbridge, where we fortified ourselves with panini at No. 6 Depot, a deservedly popular café, before tackling Monument Mountain, on the outskirts of Great Barrington. At 1,640 feet, the peak makes for a moderately effortful hike. From the top Caleb and I surveyed the surrounding countryside, blanketed to the horizon in shades of honey and rust. (Herman Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne first met when they picnicked with some friends there in 1850, which led to one of American literature’s great man-crushes.)

blantyre travel + leisure the berkshires legal cannabis canna provisions
This is a house you definitely do not live in but come see it and Canna Provisions for all your legal cannabis needs while relaxing #intheberkshires. Image via T+L website.

And now that you’ve had your 3,847 reminder of why coming to Western Massachusetts for art, history, COVID escape, culture, food, farms, and cannabis is…..oh that’s right! CANNABIS!

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Wait, actually you already know where to find all that….

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