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Posted on January 25th, 2021 by Canna Provisions


As far as introductions go, people tend to fall into two camps. There are those who lead with “Hi my name is Greg ‘Chemdog’ Krzanowski, and I have grown cannabis for 30 years that has made possible the popular and classic high-end modern cannabis strains most know today”, and there are those that just say “Hi my name is Greg.”

Either way you slice it, being able to sit down with a legend of cannabis cultivation in America is a treat. It’s even more of a treat when you can sit down with a legend of cannabis cultivation in America and it’s also your Director of Cultivation.

By now, if you’re a regular reader of and have heard how “Western Massachusetts is ready for Chemdog” or how there are “High Times Ahead For The Father Of Kind Bud” you know a little about Chemdog. Because we love you and want you to #betteryourjourney in every way in cannabis and life, we thought you could use a closer look at Chemdog – the cannabis and the man himself.

And be you someone just searching for “the nearest dispensary” or “dispensary near Springfield” or “Massachusetts recreational dispensary” or even “dispensary near me New York”, or you haven’t done any of that you just landed here and are happy to make new friends…you are going to love hearing what Chemdog has to say.

Here’s something he said:


canna provisions director of cultivation chemdog greg krzanowski high times grateful dead chemdawg
The legend himself Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski sitting in the Sheffield, MA Canna Provisions cultivation. More at


He started growing cannabis at 17. His first run of Chemdog started in Aug finished in Dec of 91. He also regales you with the tale of how he got his start in growing Chemdog – Chem91, Chem’s Sister, Chemdog S1, Chem D, and other strains – he beams as he reveals he still maintains the clones and original plants. Some go back across the past 30 years, to the original Chem 91.

Here’s something else he said: “I’ve seen over 250 live Dead shows…with Jerry alive.”


canna provisions director of cultivation greg chemdog krzanowski sheffield chemdawg chem91 strains
A man and his labor on display. Check out the menu at for more strains and information.


If you check out the video at the Canna Provisions YouTube page here, our man in the stands gets into the various strains he has coming for Canna Provisions. Because fans of strains like Wedding Cake, MAC 1, Purple Urkle, Zkittlez, and Stardog (yes the Corey Haim cut), tend to look for the best versions of said strains, cannabis connesiurs looking for the best legal dispensary in Massachusetts with the best genetics, look no more. You found us. Welcome. It’s nice here.

Also nice: this.

canna provisions director of cultivation greg chemdog krzanowski chem91 chems sister chem d strains cannabis
If Smell-o-Vision were real, you’d be very happy right now. More strains, content, and fun at


“There are just some pretty good strains that spawned a lot of other good strains, which all paved the way for contemporary cannabis I feel,” says Krzanowski in the video.

Chemdog notes his level of connoisseurship isn’t like most, but that’s where his expertise directly benefits customers. “If I like it, I’m pretty sure you’re going to like it,” he says.

Speaking of what Chemdog likes, whose first foray into legal cannabis is with this role as Director of Cultivation at a recreational weed dispensary in his home state, you need to hear about Wiseacre Farm Cannabis.

Or you can just watch this video.

Or you can just read about Golden Bough, his launch strain of outdoor Berkshires sun-grown cannabis, right here.

canna provisions director of cultivation greg chemdog krzanowski jon piasecki wiseacre farm cannabis golden bough
Jon Piasecki, owner Wiseacre Farm Cannabis. His proprietary strain Golden Bough – which you can check out here – is exclusively available at Canna Provisions Lee, Canna Provisions Holyoke, and The Verb Is Herb (soon to be Canna Provisions Easthampton). More at


Again, if it’s Chemdog approved, it has to be good.

“Jon is really good at growing outdoor flower,” he says of Wiseacre Farm Cannabis owner and grower, Jon Piasecki. His first harvest of Golden Bough, the proprietary strain from Wiseacre Farm Cannabis – a cross of Black Lime Special Reserve and other secret parent lineage for its cracked pepper and citrus terpene-rich nose – is NOW AVAILABLE at Canna Provisions in the Berkshires and Pioneer Valley. It’s an exclusive to us, so get it while we have it!

If you’re wondering what Chemdog thinks of sun grown outdoor cannabis flower, basking in the air and terroir of the Berkshires (which makes a great place to come visit if you are visiting from Massachusetts from New York City or anywhere really)

“I love smoking his outdoor flower, I treat it as a ‘treat’

There is nothing a dog likes more than his treats.

Check back at or follow us on social for updates about the first harvest of Chemdog flower coming soon.

Check out the full video with Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski here.


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