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Posted on July 10th, 2021 by Canna Provisions

What are Live Resin Cannabis Concentrates?

Concentrates are the fastest-growing way to enjoy a cannabis experience. Live resin shattered the industry by providing a high-THC, amber-colored alternative to traditional flower or edibles. 

To be clear, there is a difference between live resin and live rosin. Live rosin is solventless and made with a rosin press while live resin is made using a solvent-based extraction process. It is time to concentrate on live resin. 

What Is Live Resin?

The sticky, dark yellow lumps called live resin showed up in the cannabis scene a little over ten years ago in Colorado. Companies developed ways to refine the cannabis plants for their complex terpene spectrum and make it into a great wax to smoke directly from dab rigs or put on top of flower. 

Live resin stands out from other concentrates because of its high terpenes. People who use it love the intense flavors, especially when heated at low temperatures. 

The resin is created after harvesting cannabis. The harvesters will chop the plant and then flash-freeze it immediately in order to keep it in the essence of the terpenes. Typically the harvesting process damages terpene levels, due to the extraction chemicals and other processes, so flash freezing preserves them. After using butane and other methods, the resin is then kept cool and shipped worldwide for everyone to dab and enjoy. 

Even though all live resins go through that process, some differ in viscosity and terpene amounts. You will see concentrates in Canna Provisions such as sugar, butter, and even shatter. 

THC content depends on the type of course, but resins are normally between 60 percent to high 90 percent. Finding 100 percent is the holy grail of dabbers everywhere and that is a moment to celebrate when it happens. They come in half gram or full gram amounts and can be up to 100 plus dollars but usually are in the 40-70 dollar range. 

How Do I Use Live Resin?

There are a few ways to enjoy live resin. The most common way is to heat them in a dab rig, using a dab tool to put in the stem attachment until the smoke fills up. You can’t use a regular lighter to melt the resin though. Dab rigs require a torch to heat it to about 550 degrees for a good dab. You can buy a torch at any of our two locations in Lee or Holyoke, Massachusetts. Then light it up in a dab rig or concentrates consumption device (or an e-rig for cannabis concentrates) and immerse yourself in the aroma and taste of the terpenes.

Choose from products from The Botanist, Green Gold Group, 253 Farmacy, Nature’s Heritage, Sanctuary Medicinals, Southie Adams, and more. But just be sure to check if it is live resin or not, Like the Blood Orange Amethyst Live Budder from The Botanist, or even a Live Banana Sugar by Green Gold Group.

Another way is to vape it in a pen. Use a dab tool to carefully put your favorite live resin inside the dab well and then puff away. 

You can also melt the resin and put it over your favorite flower for that extra powerful punch to the bowl. Live resin is unique in its malleability and another reason why it is so popular. 

Once you finish a session and are nice and relaxed, make sure to store it inside a cool place to keep its consistency. Higher temperatures make it more liquid and less consistent. 

Canna Provisions will help better your journey with concentrates and live resin anytime. Find us online at Order online through our site, take advantage of our in-store pickup or curbside delivery and talk to one of our trusted cannabis guides about live resins or other infused cannabis products. 

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