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What are the Best College Degrees to Work in the Cannabis Industry?

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We’re going to take a closer look at the best college degrees for cannabis industry jobs so that you can learn more about:

What are the Best College Degrees to Work in the Cannabis Industry?

The marijuana industry is thriving, legalization efforts are spreading, and a growing number of research studies are showing that cannabis has a bright future ahead. For advocates and consumers that have been hoping for the day that cannabis is taken seriously, it seems that the time has finally arrived.

As jobs in the cannabis field offer a wealth of opportunities for recent graduates, more colleges and universities offer degree programs for students who want to pursue cannabis careers. The marijuana business is booming (or instead, blooming), putting a cannabis-centric college education within easier reach for students across the nation.

The Best Degrees for Cannabis Jobs

If you’re interested in getting a job in the cannabis industry, here are ten of the best degrees to help you cultivate your future career.

1. Agricultural and Environmental Studies

If you want to literally be in the field of cannabis, studying agriculture and environmental science can help you prepare to be a successful cannabis cultivator. Some universities, such as Canada’s McGill University, offer specialized courses in cannabis farming. 

But if this type, of course, isn’t available at schools near year, a standard agricultural degree can still be beneficial. You’ll learn about the complex practice of farming, including planting, equipment management, irrigation, growing techniques, sustainability, and more.

Potential career options: Master grower, cultivator

2. Business Administration

If you’re an entrepreneur at heart, you might be considering starting your own cannabis business. There’s no shortage of unique opportunities to grow a successful business in the marijuana market, but there are also many unique challenges to navigate.

Even for the most innovative individual, it can be challenging to break into the market without some basic business knowledge. A degree in business administration can equip you with a thorough understanding of accounting, business law, and organizational management, setting you up for success.

Potential career options: Dispensary management, cannabis brand corporate employee, dispensary business operations, marijuana sales, cannabis business owner

3. Cannabis Studies

More and more schools have created an actual degree in cannabis studies, including Northern Michigan University. This specialized major teaches students about the various aspects of the cannabis industry, from the science of cannabis (biology, chemistry, genetics) to the societal perspectives that play a part in the state of marijuana today.

There are even trade-specific schools that you could consider “cannabis colleges,” which are entirely focused on preparing students for a job in the industry. These schools include Cannabis College, Humboldt Cannabis College, and Oaksterdam University.

Potential career options: Cannabis entrepreneur, brand or dispensary management

4. Biology

If versatility is your goal, biology is one of the best science majors to consider. You’ll have a balanced knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, as well as botany, environmental quality, and even some chemistry. As a result, you’ll have great flexibility to use your degree to get started in a specific path that suits your interests.

Potential career options: Medical marijuana expert, patient consultant, researcher

5. Chemistry

Like biology, chemistry is a pretty broad field of study. However, you’ll build an excellent understanding of the scientific principles that interweave the effects of cannabis on the human body, how the growing environment can affect cannabis plants, the chemistry of medicinal marijuana, and so much more.

If you find yourself fascinated by the science of how cannabis works, chemistry might be an ideal fit for a future job.

Potential career options: Extraction technician, product development, cannabis science researcher

6. Law and Criminal Justice

The legal status of cannabis is constantly evolving, both on a state and federal level. From year to year and state to state, cannabis regulations are ever-changing – which is precisely why legal experts are (and will continue to be) hugely valuable to the industry.

You can find various courses on cannabis policy and law, including at major universities such as Harvard University, Vanderbilt University, Ohio State University, and the University of Denver. However, even if you have a standard law degree, you will absolutely be welcome in the world of cannabis law.

Potential career options: Legal researcher or lawyer with a specialty in cannabis-related cases

7. Marketing

It’s easy to assume that cannabis essentially sells itself, but the market is actually incredibly competitive, making it critical for brands to have high-quality marketing. There’s still much to be learned about how to market cannabis, and many of the industry’s best and brightest are shaping cannabis advertising as we speak.

If you enjoy the idea of being behind the wheel of a cannabis brand’s marketing efforts, this could be the study path for you.

Potential career options: Cannabis content creator, cannabis marketing specialist, brand development

8. Physiology and Healthcare

We’re constantly learning about new ways that cannabis can help people with a broad range of conditions, expanding our understanding of marijuana as medicine. Suppose you want to serve in the healthcare field while helping your patients discover the potential of medicinal marijuana. In that case, programs in physiology or healthcare can help you get on the right path.

Potential career options: Practicing researcher, cannabis-related therapist or physician

9. Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Studying pharmacy and pharmacology lets you combine healthcare, biology, and chemistry into a single degree path – and it makes you an extremely interesting job candidate for cannabis companies. With this type of degree, you can work in the cannabis-based medicine market, helping develop new possibilities for medical marijuana and beyond.

Potential career options: Cannabis-based medicine, formulator, product development for the medical marijuana industry

10. Political Science

With a political science degree, you’ll be primed for participating in the creation of laws and regulations. This gives you an influential role in marijuana regulations, as well as the chance to help achieve widespread legalization.

If you’re someone that believes strongly in fair, consistent regulations, or you want to fuel advocacy efforts in your own way, studying political science is an excellent start.

Potential career options: Cannabis activist, lobbyist, nonprofit organizer, public policy researcher, pro-cannabis public official

Find Cannabis Jobs in MA at Canna Provisions

Whether you’re a student working on your cannabis degree or you’re an experienced professional ready to make a career change, getting a job at a dispensary can be an excellent way to break into the marijuana industry. In fact, plenty of industry experts got their start as budtenders – after all, what better way to get hands-on experience?

If you’re searching for dispensary jobs in Massachusetts, Canna Provisions is a great place to begin your career. As leaders in the industry and purveyors of premium cannabis, Canna Provisions offers the opportunity to apply your knowledge and help contribute to the growth and success of the industry as a whole. With recreational dispensaries in Lee and Holyoke and exciting plans for the future of our brand, we’re always looking for people that are passionate about cannabis to join our team.

For more information about the best college majors for a job in cannabis or to apply for a position at one of our MA dispensaries, contact Canna Provisions today.

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