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What Kind of Jobs Are In the Cannabis Industry

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Jobs to Help You Cultivate a Career in Cannabis

Up until the last decade or so, most people thought that working with marijuana meant a shady side job or a secret grow operation – but how the times have changed. Today, cannabis is the fastest-growing industry in America, adding thousands of jobs across the nation every year.

Industry job reports show that in some states, the cannabis job market is growing at jaw-dropping rates. For example, in Massachusetts, 2019 brought about a 333% growth rate and thousands of new jobs at marijuana companies around the state. And as medical marijuana becomes mainstream and recreational cannabis consumption is legalized in a growing number of states; cannabis jobs will continue to become available at a record-setting pace.

If you’re considering looking for a cannabis-centric career, you could have a bright future to look forward to: the industry is expected to grow by as much as 14% by the year 2025, so you can embark on a new job journey with confidence. Whether you’re aiming for an entry-level position or want to pursue a top-paying profession, you’ll find a field full of opportunity just waiting for you to harvest.

What Kind of Jobs are in the Cannabis Industry?

Most people are surprised to learn just how much diversity there is when it comes to cannabis career options. Regardless of your experience level, professional background, goals, or education, your job search can return plenty of promising job opportunities in the cannabis industry.

Here are just a few of the types of cannabis jobs you can choose from when you’re making a living in marijuana.

1. Budtender/dispensary tech/dispensary agent

Working as a dispensary budtender is a great way to get in on the ground floor of this fast-paced industry. And because it’s an entry-level position, even people that are fairly new to the world of cannabis can get hired if they’re the right fit.

As a budtender, you’ll be in direct contact with dispensary customers, interacting with them as they shop. Strong interpersonal skills are key, and you’ll need to be ready to deliver superior customer service consistently. One of the biggest benefits of working as a budtender is the sense of fulfillment you’ll get from supporting customers as they learn about how to best enjoy cannabis.

2. Dispensary manager

After you gain experience as a budtender, your next career step is a promotion to dispensary manager. Even if you’ve never worked in a dispensary but have management experience in retail, you can use your skills to transition into the industry.

As the manager of a dispensary, you’ll be responsible for serving as the “face” of the brand. Your daily interactions will range from customers and vendors to law enforcement and inspectors, and it’s your job to make sure that the day-to-day dispensary operations are in compliance with state regulations. Working as a dispensary manager is an excellent way to gain leadership experience and earn increased pay and benefits.

3. Sales and marketing

As one of the highest-paying roles in the industry, sales, and marketing positions are in high demand. Depending on where you’re located, and your state’s cannabis laws, a job in cannabis sales and marketing could involve B2B sales, either inter- or intra-state. For many prospective candidates, the ability to do this job remotely is a major draw.

4. Master grower/director of cultivation/botanical specialist

Cannabis companies have to source their plants from somewhere, and that’s where the master grower comes in. If you are someone with a degree in horticulture or several years of legal cannabis growing experience in a professional capacity, applying to be a master grower could put you on the fast track to a lucrative career. In this role, you’ll be managing a team of cannabis growers and working closely with compliance inspectors and law enforcement.

5. Cultivation site worker

Do you want a hands-on role in the cultivation side of the cannabis industry but don’t have the experience or education to be a master grower? Then you might want to consider a job as a cultivation site worker, which is an excellent place to start working your way up the career ladder. Usually, workers begin in the role of a trimmer, then progress through a series of jobs until they reach Assistant Grower and beyond.

6. Lab technicians/staff

The legal cannabis industry relies on specialized laboratories to assess the quality and safety of consumer-used products, making this a job that’s growing by leaps and bounds. Cannabis lab testers assess samples for everything from cannabinoid content to contaminants, giving consumers the confidence that they are enjoying safe products that are accurately advertised.

7. Security

Marijuana is where the money is at, which means that cannabis companies and dispensaries are prepared to pay well for proper protection. Security guards at dispensaries and cultivation centers keep both people and products safe, serving as protection from potential theft and other issues. For individuals with a background in security, law enforcement, or military, cannabis security can be a great option.

8. Cannabis consultant

It’s no secret that the cannabis industry can get complicated, especially when state and local regulations are changing by the minute. Cannabis consulting involves offering your expertise in law, accounting, or another area of the industry to dispensaries and other brands, advising them in a variety of topics related to their business.

You’ll definitely need to have some solid qualifications to secure this role, but it’s a high-paying cannabis career that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

9. Extraction technician

Cannabis extracts are consumer favorite, but they require a specialized extraction process performed by a trained professional: an extraction technician. You can earn six figures working as a skilled laboratory tech, using your scientific knowledge and technical skill to produce high-quality extracts for various industry uses safely.

10. Marijuana edibles chef

If working as a cannabis chef isn’t a dream job, we don’t know what is! Talented chefs or bakers with an understanding of the nature (and legalities) of cannabis can spend their days dreaming up cannabis-infused creations for brands, events, and private clients alike. This is one of the most creatively-oriented marijuana jobs out there and definitely one worth pursuing if you have a love for the culinary arts.

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