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Which Smash Hits Strain is Right for Me?

The Smash Hits collection is easily one of the most famous flower collections in Massachusetts. Why? Not only are these strains hand-selected and brought to life by the real Chemdog, but the collection has something for every type of toker. Take a look at which Smash Hit strain may be most suitable for you.

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The Overworked Soul Needing a Weekend Reprieve

Smash Hits Strain for You: Chocolate Peaches

  • Top Effects: Giggly, dazed, and relaxed
  • Top Flavor/Aroma: Sweet peaches dipped in creamy chocolate

Been a long week? We got you. Chocolate Peaches is your one-way ticket to a weekend getaway. This gorgeous and flavorful strain is just as potent as it is sweet, and it’s a truly heavy-handed pick that takes you straight into a brain-melting level of bliss. No wonder it’s one of the best strains in Mass.

The Incessant Overthinker

Smash Hits Strain for You: Biscotti Mintz

  • Top Effects: Relaxing, soothing, and euphoric
  • Top Flavor/Aroma: Sweet mint and spice

You’re having a bad day, your mind won’t slow down, and you’re all-out-stressed. Biscotti Mintz is one of those Smash Hits strains that makes everyone’s list as the best for anxiety and stress. It immediately clears your mind, slows your thoughts, and leaves you focused, maybe even a little creative.

The Bonafide Cannabis Aficionado

california raisins smash hits chemdog canna provisions

Smash Hits Strain for You: California Raisins

  • Top Effects: Happy, relaxed, and sleepy
  • Top Flavor/Aroma: Diesel and sweet cookies

You’ve been around when it comes to good weed, and you know a good strain when you smoke it. Sounds like you need to meet California Raisins, if you haven’t already. The cerebral pick-me-up with this one is incredible, but the relaxing effects of this Indica-dominant hybrid is reminiscent of some of the classics. Not to mention, the complex flavor with notes of diesel, grapes, and cookies is going to please even the most eclectic palate.

The New Cannabis Explorer Looking for a Non-Intimidating Good Time

Durban Poison Smash Hits Logo

Smash Hits Strain for You: Durban Poison

  • Top Effects: Energizing, happy, and fun
  • Top Flavor/Aroma: Forest and pine

Durban Poison is one of those Smash Hits strains that’s not too heavy-handed when it comes to effects, but it is definitely a lot of fun. This uplifting Sativa is awesome for someone relatively new to exploring more energetic strains. It will pick you up, get you feeling creative, and leave you absolutely happy to be alive.

The One That Needs a Healthy Dose of the Munchies

Smash Hits Strain for You: Chem’s Fruit Stand

  • Top Effects: Happy and hungry
  • Top Flavor/Aroma: Fruit and citrus

We’re not sure why or how, but Chem’s Fruit Stand is always a go-to for people who are actually looking for the munchies. A few tokes of this one and you’ll want all the food, and every bite will taste profound. By the way, be sure to look at more ideas for using cannabis to stimulate your appetite.

The Weed-Loving Hippy Who Lives by Cannabis and Good Music

hippy slayer smash hits chemdog canna provisions

Smash Hits Strain for You: Hippy Slayer

  • Top Effects: Happy and chill
  • Top Flavor/Aroma: Earthy pine and spice

Chem Dog knew exactly what he was doing when he brought Hippy Slayer to life. This is one of those Smash Hits strains that tastes like old-school Indicas from way back when. There are few other strains built for cranking up the tunes, lighting up, and zoning out.

The Sleepy Insomniac

Smash Hits Strain for You: Chem S1

  • Top Effects: Intense euphoria and relaxation
  • Top Flavor/Aroma: Mango rolled in pine and dirt

Desperately need to get some shut-eye? We’ve got the strain that is bound to shut your eyes well before the first sheep has been counted. The Chem S1 strain is one of the highest THC strains in the state, and this hybrid is bound to leave you happy at first but then locked in place and ready for bed.

The One Who Needs to Get Shit Done

Smash Hits Strain for You: Kingston Kind

  • Top Effects: Pops of energy and overall sense of well-being
  • Top Flavor/Aroma: Citrus, papaya, and earth

Kingston Kind is, for now, the only 1:1 CBD and THC strain from the collection. This Smash Hits pick is beloved for its tendency to help when you just need to get up and get on with it but can’t dig deep enough to pull out any motivation. This one isn’t overwhelmingly intoxicating, so it leaves you clear-headed and ready to dive into whatever task awaits.

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