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253 Farmacy

Founded in 2019, 253 Farmacy is recognized as a premium Massachusetts cannabis company, owned and operated by locals. The company’s wholesale operation produces cannabis flower, vapes, edibles and concentrates. It gets its name from the street address of the company (253) and from its mission to serve customers as both farmer and pharmacy (Farmacy) in the cultivation and sale of cannabis.

253 Farmacy:

Product Line

The 253 Farmacy cannabis line includes:

  • Flower: Shake, buds and pre-rolls
  • Edibles: Chocolates, gummies, baked goods, chews, hard candy, lozenges, drinks and tablets
  • Concentrates: Wax, bubble hash, shatter, dry sift kief, sauce, batter, crumble and rosin
  • Vapes: Cartridges, pods, disposables

253 Farmacy FAQs

Who owns 253 Farmacy?

253 Farmacy, a vertically integrated cannabis company, is owned by Massachusetts partners Seth Rutherford and Chris Gallant.

What is different about 253 Farmacy?

253 Farmacy focuses on perfecting the quality of its clean flower so that it can develop strain-specific wholesale products that represent the company’s commitment to eco-friendly and quality-focused cannabis. Its company is one of only a few in the country that is Kosher Certified, which ensures that its ingredients are humanely sourced, natural and free of contaminants. The strict certification process to ensure 253 maintains this quality includes regular surprise inspections by a rabbi to ensure that the facility remains Kosher. This means certain Kosher ingredients must be used, such as Kosher dairy for edibles, and others must not be used, such as ethanol derived from grapes. Other quality measures taken by 253 include requirements for the packaging of its flower — an eighth of an ounce must have no more than six buds and a quarter of an ounce must have fewer than 20

Where to Buy 253 Farmacy Products in Massachusetts

You can buy 253 Farmacy products in Massachusetts at Canna Provisions, a recreational and medical cannabis dispensary with locations in Holyoke and Lee. Canna Provisions is committed to giving their cannabis customers an outstanding experience, with expert customer service and an impressive selection of high-quality cannabis products that are all-natural and carefully cultivated, such as 253 Farmacy cannabis products.

Buy 253 Farmacy Products at Canna Provisions

Canna Provisions offers products from 253 Farmacy and other cannabis companies that uphold the dispensaries’ promise to offer customers only the best cannabis that is chemical-free and natural.

Excellent flower! 253 is also fully kosher so all their products are certified kosher. If you Google any of their strains you can usually find a specific strain sheet from 253 with a bunch of great info too. Their OG Kush was excellent.

@JaacHerself Review Via Reddit

I really enjoyed the Cake Crasher, would recommend. A little dry, but otherwise great. I’ve liked most everything I’ve gotten from 253 Farmacy.

@beaveristired Review Via Reddit

I'm vaping on 5th balloons on °368 in my volcano. The high is intensely euphoria and equally potent. Music sounds intense and you just wanna float in the air, it's a very unique high.

@ZookeepergameTotal77 Review Via Reddit




380 Dwight Street Holyoke, MA

220 Housatonic Street Lee, MA



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