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Betty's Eddies

Betty’s Eddies produces high quality cannabis edibles of various varieties, primarily in the form of fruit chews. Founded in 2015, Betty’s Eddies is considered the manufacturer of the cannabis industry’s first full-spectrum, all-natural fruit chew. The company’s founding principle is based on the concept that cannabis edibles can’t be just another fruit gummy, but must provide better, more satisfying experiences for cannabis users with great taste and consistent potency.

Betty's Eddies:

Products Line

The Betty’s Eddies product line includes:

  • Fruit Chews: Handcrafted edibles for sleep, energy, relief or joy.
  • Cannabis Ice Cream: Variety of traditional flavors, including brownie vanilla, dark chocolate and black raspberry

Betty’s Eddies FAQs

Who makes Betty’s Eddies products?

Betty’s Eddies is one of the brands owned by MariMed Inc., a cannabis company that operates in multiple states. The company offers cannabis products as part of its mission to improve the lives of customers. MariMed develops, owns and manages seed-to-sale cannabis facilities that are state licensed, promoting its operations as best-practice models in horticultural, cultivation and cannabis-infused products.

What is different about Betty’s Eddies products?

Betty’s Eddies relies on proprietary formulations for its vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free cannabis fruit chews. The company handcrafts its cannabis fruit chews using organic fruits and veggies, ensuring that its manufacturing process delivers a consistent, tasty and sweet experience. Betty’s Eddies fruit chews are made with a custom formulation, using full-spectrum cannabis, supporting cannabinoids, and natural herbs and supplements to ensure they each achieve the desired effect for customers through an all-natural manufacturing process. The Betty’s Edibles fruit chews are formulated to meet the needs of customers, with products that help provide pain relief, sleep support, stress relief and arousal.

Bettys Eddies Near Me in Massachusetts

You can buy Betty’s Eddies cannabis fruit chews in Massachussetts at Canna Provisions, a cannabis dispensary with locations in Holyoke and Lee. Canna Provisions offers its customers a unique experience and a wide selection of high-quality cannabis that affirms its commitment to all-nature, chemical free cannabis products like Betty’s Eddies.

Buy Betty’s Eddies products at Orange Cannabis Company

Canna Provisions proudly offers the Betty’s Eddies chews as part of its mission to make customers’ lives better through the healing properties of cannabis.

Betty's Eddies are definitely some of the best full spectrum options around right now because they also offer their edibles with other chemicals. Caffeine for daytime and melatonin at night.

@DirtyWonderWoman Review Via Reddit

Betty's nighttime are my favorite edibles. I literally take them every night and I can't sleep as well if I don't.

@Sugar420s Review Via Reddit

Betty's Eddies are by far the absolutely best flavor and best effects of any edible I've ever had. I have personally really liked the Hi5 Nano gummies as well....much quicker effects and a much milder effect..

@Accurate-Temporary73 Review Via Reddit




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