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Cresco is a cannabis brand that offers a wide variety of cannabis strains in various forms. It is part of a large cannabis company, the Chicago-based Cresco Labs, that serves as the top wholesaler of branded cannabis in the U.S. and the top cannabis product sold in Massachusetts


Product Line

The Cresco cannabis line includes:

  • Flower: Locally grown, meticulously nurtured and carefully harvested at peak freshness
  • Liquid Live Resin: Extracted from naturally occurring, full spectrum benefits of the highest quality single premium cannabis strain, with no cuts, fillers, added terpenes, distillate, THC boosters or non-cannabis ingredients.
  • Concentrates: Extracted from premium, fresh-frozen flower without artificial flavors or fillers, available in Rise (Sativa-dominant), Refresh (hybrid) and Rest (Indica-dominant).
    • Live budder
    • Live sugar
    • Live sauce

Cresco FAQs

Who owns Cresco?

Cresco is owned by Cresco Labs, a publicly traded cannabis company, was created in 2013 by Charlie Bachtell and Joe Caltabiano. Cresco Labs. is a vertically integrated cannabis company with operations in nine states.

What is different about Cresco products?

Cresco begins with locally grown and carefully cultivated cannabis flower. Cresco cannabis products are free of additional flavors, terpenes or non-cannabis ingredients. The product relies on selection of the highest quality genetic stock to ensure consistent, robust plants. Data and analytics are essential at each stage of production and serve as the foundation of Cresco’s cultivation to achieve the highest quality production. The Cresco cultivation process standardizes individual cultivars to make sure that every plant receives the specialized care required. Cresco cultivates many genetically unique cultivars for top-tier flower.

Where to Buy Cresco Near Me in Massachusetts

Cresco cannabis products are sold at dispensaries in nine states. You can buy Cresco products in Massachusetts at Canna Provisions, a cannabis dispensary with locations in Holyoke and Lee. Canna Provisions offers cannabis users an extraordinary experience. It features an impressive selection of high-quality cannabis products that are all-natural and carefully cultivated, such as Cresco cannabis products.

Buy Cresco Cannabis Products at Canna Provisions

Canna Provisions offers products from Cresco and other cannabis companies that support its mission of providing chemical-free and natural choices to customers.

I've had at least 6 different strains from Cresco/Supply and I got to say I liked every one of em. Good effects pleasant appearance and smell/taste. I realize that it's bargain type cannabis however I haven't been displeased nor disillusioned by anything I've purchased of theirs. I can't afford the top shelf unfortunately not being on disability.

@LogicalCharacter2852 Review Via Reddit

I feel as somebody who has been smoking medical for a couple years now, I’ve always seen cresco as the best brand around.

@r/ILTrees Review Via Reddit

I really like cresco/high supply. The only thing is the trim isn't always the best on the high supply tubs. But Cresco seems really consistent. And a lot of strains. For the value it's the best imo.

@Adorable45Deplorable Review Via Reddit




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220 Housatonic Street Lee, MA



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