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Dogwalkers is a cannabis company that specializes in pre-roll products, which are cigarette-sized joints rolled with cannabis and ready to smoke. Founded in 2015, the idea behind Dogwalkers pre-rolls is to produce that moment of unconditional peace and joy that comes from leisurely walks with a dog around the neighborhood (in the case of Dogwalkers, the idea was inspired by a special dog named Bailey that belonged to founder, Ben Kovler). Dogwalkers’ pre-rolls come in Indica-dominant strains, Sativa-dominant strains and hybrid strains.

I hardly ever have anything good to say about pre-rolls, but the Dogwalkers were nice. I like the little shorty joints. It keeps me from smoking a whole full-sized joint.

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Picked these up yesterday and I noticed no one had ever talked about them on here! The pack of 5 is normally $30, but I got it for $24 because they had a 20% off sale. They're definitely small, but the perfect amount for me. They're packed & rolled well and burned beautifully, and the high was fantastic. Very happy and productive. .

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Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls:

Product Line

The Dogwalkers’ cannabis line focuses on cannabis pre-roll products, available in different intentionally sized pre-rolls to provide the best cannabis experience based on different customer needs.

  • Mini Dog Pre-rolls: 0.35g pre-rolls in a five-pack for sessionable enjoyment
  • Big Dog Pre-rolls: 0.75g single pre-roll for a more robust experience in an air tight and reusable tube

Dogwalkers FAQs

Who owns Dogwalkers?

Dogwalkers is owned by Green Thumb Industries, a national cannabis cultivator, processor and dispensary operator that is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

What is different about Dogwalkers products?

Dogwalkers’ pre-rolls come with flower harvested at peak freshness, carefully packed, twisted and weighed to ensure the highest quality and consistency. Dogwalker’s pre-rolls are different from a typical marijuana joint because they are not made with shake, which are the crumbs left from cannabis flower. These pre-rolls come from only the finest premium cannabis flower that is carefully measured and rolled with close attention to detail. The premium flower comes wrapped with the finest rolling paper to ensure an optimum burn and the proper density needed for a consistent burn. Dogwalkers’ commitment to the inspiration behind its product shines through in its donations to deserving animal shelters all over the country that receive a portion of proceeds from each product sold.

Where to Buy Dogwalkers Products in Massachusetts

Dogwalkers cannabis products are sold at dispensaries in Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, New Jersey and Nevada. You can buy Dogwalkers’ products in Massachusetts at Canna Provisions, a cannabis dispensary with locations in Holyoke and Lee. Canna Provisions gives customers a unique experience and a broad variety of high-quality cannabis that is expertly cultivated, such as the pre-rolls made by Dogwalkers.

Buy Dogwalkers Products at Canna Provisions

Canna Provisions offers products from Dogwalkers that are chemical-free and natural, part of the dispensary’s commitment to make lives better through the healing properties of cannabis.




380 Dwight Street Holyoke, MA

220 Housatonic Street Lee, MA



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