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Old Pal Weed

Old Pal is a California-based cannabis company founded in 2018 that focuses on producing accessible, affordable weed. The multi-state lifestyle cannabis brand’s mission is to provide value to consumers by offering quality products and trusted consistency. The brand is available through superior and dependable production and distribution via strategic partnerships within the industry. Its flower, pre-rolls and Old Pal cannabis cartridge are available in three basic varieties of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains.

Old Pal Cannabis:

Product Line

The Old Pal weed product line includes:

  • Classic Shareable™ Cannabis: Quality, shareable cannabis, 7 gram, 1/8 ounce, ounce bags
  • Original Ready to Roll Packs: Pre-ground cannabis, crutches, and pure hemp rolling papers, 5g, 14g kits
  • 2g Infused Blunts: Pre-rolled flower, THCa diamonds and live resin in Indica, Sativa or Hybrid
  • Premium Pre-rolls: Two perfectly wrapped half-gram joints filled with sungrown flower
  • Palitos Pre-rolls: 10 mini joints filled with 0.35g of premium sungrown weed
  • 14 pack pre-rolls: Old Pal half-gram pre-rolls
  • 510 Oil cartridge: Old Pal cannabis oil available in Indica, Sativa or Hybrid.

Old Pal FAQs

Who makes Old Pal products?

Old Pal co-founders Rusty Wilenkin and Jason Osni decided to create “the PBR of cannabis” in the recreational cannabis market, making a brand that focuses on cannabis consumers who care less about the genetics of weed and more about the enjoyable experience of smoking it.

What is different about Old Pal products?

Old Pal is a no-frills, affordable cannabis product designed to offer something comforting and familiar to consumers. It is proudly a mid-grade, mostly outdoor or greenhouse-grown product at an affordable price, targeting customers of all generations and tastes. An eighth retails for $15 in California, $20 in Nevada. The idea behind Old Pal is that it is weed for common people without expensive strains or manufacturing.

Where to Buy Old Pal Cannabis Products in Massachusetts

Old Pal is sold in Massachusetts at both of Canna Provisions dispensaries.

Buy Old Pal Cannabis Products at Canna Provisions

Canna Provisions offers cannabis products from Old Pal and others that promote its mission of providing chemical-free and natural choices. At Canna Provisions, the mission is focused on making life’s journey better through premium cannabis products.

Definitely worth the price.

raspy2c Review Via Reddit

I have never purchased any super expensive top shelf buds so I'm unable to compare, but it definitely does get me high and it is worth the price. My favorite strain from them is Forbidden Fruit. Every time I copped it, it hit different.

Prebeolus Review Via Reddit

I’ve had their Blue Skittlez before. Was 19-20% THC and had about 5% terps. You get bang for your buck.

kashmoney1 Review Via Facebook

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