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The Botanist

The Botanist is a cannabis retail and product brand committed to helping those seeking wellness from the therapeutic advantages of the cannabis plant. The Botanist, owned by the New York-based Acreage Holdings cannabis company, specializes in cannabis flower, vapes and edibles.

The Botanist:

Product Line

The Botanist cannabis line includes:

  • Flower: The family of strains offered come in a variety of flavors, aromas, strains and effects, all designed to assist customers on their paths to a more balanced life through the healing properties of cannabis flower.
  • Vapes: The extraction process used by The Botanist produces consistently potent and famously favorable vape cartridges designed to showcase the main ingredient — cannabis.
  • Edibles: Each of The Botanist’s edible cannabis products is made with only the best natural ingredients, promising a unique and enjoyable cannabis experience.

The Botanist FAQs

Who owns The Botanist?

The Botanist is owned by Acreage Holdings, Inc., one of the nation’s largest vertically integrated cannabis companies with a multi-state operation. Acreage also owns or has management services, consulting or other agreements for dispensaries in 13 states.

What is different about The Botanist products?

The Botanist relies on a broad range of cannabis genetics from plants that are meticulously cultivated in-house and grown with patience and expertise. The Botanist’s flower is carefully hand trimmed or processed using a dry trim machine to protect the precious trichomes and the quality of the cannabis product. The Botanist focuses on the holistic power of the cannabis plant in its broad line of cannabis-derived products.

Where to Buy The Botanist Products in Massachusetts

Products from The Botanist are offered for sale at dispensaries throughout the South, Mid Atlantic, New England and the Midwest. You can buy The Botanist products in Massachusetts at Canna Provisions, a new type of cannabis dispensary that features locations in Holyoke and Lee. Canna Provisions offers customers a unique experience and a broad variety of high-quality cannabis that is expertly cultivated, such as The Botanist.

Buy The Botanist Products at Canna Provisions

Canna Provisions offers products from The Botanist as part of its commitment to offering customers chemical-free and natural products. Canna Provisions works to make lives better through cannabis, sharing the same mission as The Botanist.

I got Robot Girl, Chem 4, Fire Alien Romulain, Frosty Kush, and Cookies and Cream. No shake. I found shake goes too fast and isn't worth it. I am obsessed with chem 4. I was worried cuz I only got 3 nugs for an 8th but they're sooo dense and so potent and it's amazing. Robot Girl has been great and so has C&C for anxiety. Frosty Kush is good, but not the sativa I was looking for. I need something for energy (if anyone has any recommendations!) But nothing I got has been bad. The Fire Alien is also great. Also they taste and smell SO good.

@xkimberlyrenee Review Via Reddit

I have been really pleased with all my botanist products.

@AroundTheWayJill Review Via Reddit




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220 Housatonic Street Lee, MA



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