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Coast Cannabis Co.

Coast Cannabis has the distinction of being one of the first companies to enter into a meaningful and long-term partnership with the female-owned Canna Provisions. Coast Cannabis in Massachusetts has invested money into developing products with minor cannabinoids. Concentrating on lesser-used cannabinoids allows the company to offer more versatile products. The company specializes in artisanal ingredients free of any artificial dyes or colorings. All clients can rest assured that products come exclusively from high-quality and ethical sources.

Coast Cannabis is locally owned and operated by some wonderful grassroots people💚! The facility is beautiful ❤️ and the candy is as amazing as the people who make it ❣ Every product is crafted with love! Hardworking and humble, Congratulations on all your success! Well deserved

Ellen Brown Review via Facebook

Love the gummies and that you are local.

Shauna Mackenzie Review via Facebook

I bought the Cranberry Pomegranate gummies recommended by a dispensary on Cape Cod this summer. He told me it would help me sleep. It's awesome.

Kathy Review via AskGrowers

Coast Cannabis Co.:

Product Specs

Coast Cannabis provides products featuring minor cannabinoids. Instead of THC, Coast Cannabis has developed recipes using THCV. The compound THCV has a similar molecular structure as THC but has differing effects. Research has shown THCV can act as an appetite suppressant, reduce anxiety, help regulate blood sugar, and more. Coast Provisions also has products derived from CBN and CBG. CBN stands for cannabidiol and comes from the sativa plant. CBN is ideal for those who are looking for a milder weed effect. CBN also appeals to those who are new to using cannabis. CBG, or cannabigerol and comes from young cannabis plants. CBG provides emotional and physical benefits without making the person have the typical high feeling.

Coast Cannabis Massachusetts FAQs

What are some products from Coast Cannabis?

Coast Cannabis offers edibles and vaporizers at dispensaries around Massachusetts. Typically, the most requested edible products include infused gummies and chocolate bars. Vaporizers come in various flavors, including Watermelon, Cherry Pie, and Birthday Cake.

What is the potency of Coast Cannabis products?

Many of the edibles, including the gummies and chocolates, from Coast Cannabis, come in 100 mg increments. Vaporizer strength depends on the strain used in the cartridge. Strawberry Cough and Cherry Pie are among the more potent vaporizers.

Coast Cannabis Review

Coast Cannabis has received positive feedback from customers of Canna Provisions. The staff of Canna Provisions consistently recommends products from the brand, with the gummies being their favorites. For example, a current staff recommendation is the Raspberry Lime Gummies in 20 packs of 100mg. The THCV gummies help with alertness and staying active. For help with sleep, buyers can try out the CBN line of gummies from Coast Cannabis. The Pomegranate flavor, in particular, has sedating effects. For energy, consider the CBG gummies from the brand. The Tangerine flavor can help you feel revitalized with as little as 5 mg.

Where to Buy Coast Cannabis Co. in MA

Come See Us!

Anyone looking for Coast Cannabis for sale in MA can stop by one of the Canna Provisions dispensaries found in Lee or Holyoke. Order online for easy pickup or call to speak to a team member about any questions regarding Coast Cannabis products or availability.

Buy Coast Cannabis at Canna Provisions

Visit any of the Canna Provisions dispensaries while in Lee or Holyoke. The Lee location is found at 220 Housatonic Street and operates from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm on the weekdays and 7:00 am to 10:00 pm on the weekends. The Holyoke location on 380 Dwight Street is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Wednesday. Thursday through Sunday hours are 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.

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