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Congrats! Looks like Connecticut recently became the 19th state to legalize cannabis. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for the best dispensary in Connecticut to nab your totally legal weed, you may have to wait a year or two. The solution? Take your pick of the Massachusetts dispensary closest to Connecticut—you’re free to visit MA to get recreational cannabis. By the way, Canna Provisions is rightly placed in Holyoke and Lee, MA to be your go-to!

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Unmatched Product Line

With a few years under our belts, we have a finger on the pulse of what’s the best when it comes to weed. We’ve spent time curating our collection to make sure our customers have access to the best selection. Our menu is consistently updated with new tinctures, concentrates, and strains, but also brimming with infused edibles and therapeutic topical products—among other selections.

Knowledgeable Guides and You’re Never Shorted

Connecticut weed dispensaries were once just a long-distance glimmer of hope, and we know that when you’re coming from a newly legal state, you may have some questions. That’s all good because our knowledgeable guides have answers. Our team is happy to help you learn more about cannabis, what to buy, and what to expect with different products. And, you can guarantee we will never short you when it comes to product weight.

Ready to plan your trip to one of our dispensaries in MA? Be sure to check out our FAQs page so you know what to expect, and get a look at our menu where you can reserve your selections in advance.

Why Choose Canna Provisions'

Dispensaries Near CT?

MA has been (luckily) legal for long enough to have a few dispensaries open, so why would you opt for Canna Provisions? Our dispensary was actually voted as the Best Adult-Use Cannabis Dispensary in MA, and we know we have a few things up our sleeves that make us a good choice. For one, our head grower (Greg ‘Chemdog’ Krzanowski) actually created the infamous Chemdog strain and many offspring strains. A few other reasons to visit us are given below.

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