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Canna Provisions is ~24 mins West via I-90 W

Dispensary Near Ludlow, MA

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Looking for a dispensary near Ludlow? The city of Ludlow may have voted against having a Ludlow dispensary, but we’ve got you covered just 10 miles up the road in Holyoke, MA. One of the Canna Provisions dispensaries just happens to be a 20-minute trip via I90 West from the city center of Ludlow. We’re a fully stocked adult-use dispensary with a full selection of cannabis products and the real Chemdog.

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What makes Canna Provisions Different?

Canna Provisions is an award-winning dispensary, in part because of our commitment to customer service. Every guide in our dispensary near Ludlow is passionate about weed. They do all they can to make sure customers get the best experience, from offering education about products to helping you get your hands on just what you want.

A Well-Regarded Head Grower

Ever heard of Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski? If not, you likely have heard of the notorious Chemdog strain, which has a rich history as one of the best strains of cannabis. The Director of Cultivation (Head Grower) just happens to be the real Chemdog himself. Not only does that mean we serve up authentic, hard-to-find Chemdog buds, but also some of the ever-popular descendants and up-and-coming creations from the real OG himself in the Smash Hits lineup.

Convenient Shopping Options

Canna Provisions offers curbside ordering, online ordering, and curbside pickup. You can check out our frequently updated menu online, make your selections, and make sure we have your order ready when you arrive.

We Hope to See You At Canna Provisions!

Just a few miles and minutes is all that’s between you in Ludlow and the Canna Provisions dispensary in Holyoke. With a full collection of top-shelf cannabis and cannabis products, no shortages, and all the help you need along the way, we hope you’ll head our way. Be sure to take a look at the Canna Provisions Press Room to get a feel for who we are and what we’re all about.

Visit A Top-Rated Dispensary

Canna Provisions is a well-established dispensary with a mature product line. Therefore, when you visit our dispensary, you can rest assured you will be granted access to one of the finest cannabis collections. Among our shelves you will find:

  • A broad collection of cannabis flower and pre-rolls
  • An impressive lineup of concentrates, hand-selected for quality
  • A long list of THC edibles, such as cannabis-infused seltzers and gourmet treats
  • Therapeutic CBD products and topicals
  • Cannabis-infused vapes and pre-filled vape carts

We build our inventory carefully—we want to offer only the best to our customers. From the finest green to the premium concentrate, you can find what you need at our dispensary.

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