Finding the right balanced marijuana strains to suit your individual needs, lifestyle, and goals can be a journey – but Canna Provisions is here to serve as your guide. We believe in empowering our customers to make a confident, informed choice when exploring the wide variety of weed strains available at our Massachusetts dispensaries, which is why we’ve taken an innovative approach to categorize our cannabis products that make it easier than ever to shop.

Instead of labeling our strains as indica, sativa, or hybrid, Canna Provisions organizes our products according to the customer experience: energetic, calming, or balanced. Depending on your preferred cannabis experience, our dispensary Guides can help you find the right match.

Our balanced cannabis strains offer an exceptionally versatile “middle ground” between energetic and calming strains, fitting a range of customer needs and preferences.


At Canna Provisions, our selection of balanced strains features the marijuana varieties that would traditionally be labeled as “hybrid strains.” Our balanced strains, or hybrids, are varying combinations of indica and sativa varieties, two types that the Canna Provisions team generally refers to as calming and energetic.

While many dispensaries have held onto the commonly-used strain categorizations (hybrid, indica, and sativa), we’ve realized that it’s not always easy to draw a clear line between each type. Modern-day marijuana doesn’t necessarily fit neatly into these three specific groupings, so Canna Provisions is taking matters into our own hands and sorting strains according to the common effects and overall expected experience of each.

As the name suggests, a balanced strain can offer a balanced cannabis experience that falls somewhere between “energetic” and “calming.” For many Canna Provisions customers, this makes balanced strains the options that truly captures the best of both cannabis strain worlds.


Because our Balanced Marijuana Strain varieties are a hybrid mix of energetic and calming strains, many customers experience a pleasant mix of mind and body effects that are enjoyable nearly any time of day. Our Guides can help you choose between balanced strains that either lean towards energetic or calming effects, depending on your specific preferences.

After partaking in the strain of your choice, you may find yourself feeling any combination of the following effects, depending on the variety you selected:

  • Relaxed and calm
  • Interested in your favorite artistic pursuits
  • Pleasantly energized
  • Focused and ready to tackle important tasks
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If you’re interested in learning more about how balanced strains may fit into your lifestyle, Canna Provisions is happy to help. Our Guides can help you determine the best-fit strains for you, making it easy to choose your ideal products from our extensive selection.

Visit a Canna Provisions dispensary today to meet with a Guide and get more information about all our high-quality cannabis strains.

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