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Canna Provisions Lee, MA

Canna Provisions has 2 recreational cannabis dispensaries, one located in Lee, MA and the other in Holyoke, MA - Canna Provisions Lee is located in Lee, MA about 2 hr 25 min (132.6 mi) from Lake Pleasant via NY-30 S and I-90 E. Proudly serving recreational cannabis dispensary customers from Lake Pleasant, NY and beyond. Get Directions.

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Canna Provisions Lee - Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Lee, Massachusetts

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Why Visit Massachusetts from New York for Cannabis?

With all of the news lately that has been raising questions about the quality of New York cannabis, it is important to understand the problem and ways to avoid it. You can avoid problems with bad weed by buying from a reputable dispensary. We invite you over the border to Massachusetts to visit Canna Provisions to discuss the quality of weed you are buying. Our budtenders are professionals who can explain the problem of poor quality weed and the importance of accurate product testing.

Lake Pleasant, NY 12108 (Adult-Use) Marijuana Dispensary Customers

Why Visit Our Closest Dispensary?

At Canna Provisions, we strive every day to help improve the lives of our customers who are shopping for cannabis flower, edibles, pre-rolls, tinctures, concentrates, topicals, beverages and CBD products. We serve all levels of customers at our weed dispensary, from the novice cannabis user to the experienced expert. Our promise to our cannabis customers is that we will always strive to provide the highest grade cannabis products.

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Kyoshii Mansfield
Kyoshii Mansfield
March 28, 2022.
I am a frequent shopper, love the varieties offered, Great staff still educating me as I continue my journey. Respectfully Kyoshii Joe
OG “Hard Work” Riggins
OG “Hard Work” Riggins
March 25, 2022.
Awesome staff always so friendly and helpful, the staff seems to love working there it's not such as other companies where everyone is miserable. This staff is in great spirits and they are always so helpful with promotions and etc thank you guys always for being so nice to me!!
Stuart Gray
Stuart Gray
March 22, 2022.
The employees at the Lee dispensary are always so friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this place to my friends. Keep up the good work!👍🏼👏🏼🇺🇸
Brittany Stahli
Brittany Stahli
March 22, 2022.
Loyal customer here for over a year now. Best product in Berkshire County, if you aren't local to Lee, Holyoke is a great experience. Cannaprovisons is always worth the trip! Thank you Meg & Erik for having the best establishments and for hiring awesome staff at both locations that make the experience truly enjoyable!
Sandy McGrath
Sandy McGrath
March 22, 2022.
Always a great experience … efficient and pleasant

Lake Pleasant's Top Choice Dispensary

FAQs about Buying Cannabis From a Lake Pleasant, NY Weed Dispensary

Our cannabis flower, concentrates, and tinctures are completely natural and free of all chemicals. Every visit you make to our pot shop to replenish your stock of cannabis provisions gives you the opportunity to speak to our expert cannabis guides. They are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make your cannabis shopping experience as enjoyable and pressure-free as possible. They are eager to share their cannabis knowledge and expertise.

Is weed legal in Lake Pleasant, NY?

Medical marijuana and recreational cannabis, which is also referred to as adult-use cannabis, are both legal in New York, and that includes Newtonville.

How old must I be to purchase and consume cannabis in Massachusetts?

When visiting Massachusetts, you should know that state law requires anyone visiting or buying cannabis products from a dispensary must be at least 21 years old or older. At Canna Provision’s cannabis shop, we take valid forms of current government-issued IDs as proof that you meet the minimum age requirement, including a state-issued driver’s license, a federally-issued I.D. card, identification card issued by the military and an ID card provided by any Canadian province.

How much weed can I buy during my visit?

In the state of Massachusetts, there are limits on the amount of cannabis you can buy. State law permits up to one ounce of flower (28 grams) or five grams of concentrate to be purchased at one time. Adults of legal age also can purchase edibles that total up to 100 milligrams of THC in one visit to our marijuana dispensary.

Other reasons to visit Canna Provisions from Lake Pleasant, NY

When you schedule your visit to our marijuana store from Lake Pleasant, make sure you include some fun along the way by stopping at:

  • the Irish American Heritage Museum in Albany, NY. Stop by to explore the contributions of Irish culture in America at this museum, which celebrates Irish history and experiences with performances, lectures, and exhibits.
  • the Fulton County Museum in Gloversville, NY, celebrating the history of this area with exhibits that explore everything from military service to glove and leather heritage. And check out the incredible sculpture garden.
  • the Lenox Town Beach in Lee, MA, where you can cool off along the relaxing public beach and take a dip in the cool water.

Getting here from Lake Pleasant, NY

  • From Lake Pleasant, access NY-30 S
  • Continue for 54 miles until Interstate 90 access is available
  • Enter the New York Thruway ramp and follow the signs to I-90 E to Albany
  • Continue on I-90 E for 75 miles
  • In Lee, take Exit 10 from I-90 onto US-20 W/Housatonic Street
  • Continue for .2 miles until you arrive at our cannabis store

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