Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Near Pioneer Valley, MA 01360

Canna Provisions Holyoke is 15 min away via MA-47 S and MA-116 S

Canna Provisions has 2 recreational cannabis dispensaries, one located in Holyoke, MA, and the other located in Lee, MA - Canna Provisions Holyoke is 15 min from Pioneer Valley, MA 01360 via MA-47 S and MA-116 S. Proudly serving recreational cannabis dispensary customers from Pioneer Valley, MA 01360 and beyond.

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Pioneer Valley, MA 01360 (Adult-Use) Marijuana Dispensary Customers

We're Just South of You

Need a good Pioneer Valley dispensary? Canna Provisions is just up the road in Holyoke, MA. About 15 minutes and 8 miles is between your location in Pioneer Valley and one of the most well-recognized cannabis dispensaries in the state!

We’re proud to serve Pioneer Valley with access to high-quality cannabis products. Come visit us today!

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Kyoshii Mansfield
Kyoshii Mansfield
March 28, 2022.
I am a frequent shopper, love the varieties offered, Great staff still educating me as I continue my journey. Respectfully Kyoshii Joe
OG “Hard Work” Riggins
OG “Hard Work” Riggins
March 25, 2022.
Awesome staff always so friendly and helpful, the staff seems to love working there it's not such as other companies where everyone is miserable. This staff is in great spirits and they are always so helpful with promotions and etc thank you guys always for being so nice to me!!
Stuart Gray
Stuart Gray
March 22, 2022.
The employees at the Lee dispensary are always so friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this place to my friends. Keep up the good work!👍🏼👏🏼🇺🇸
Brittany Stahli
Brittany Stahli
March 22, 2022.
Loyal customer here for over a year now. Best product in Berkshire County, if you aren't local to Lee, Holyoke is a great experience. Cannaprovisons is always worth the trip! Thank you Meg & Erik for having the best establishments and for hiring awesome staff at both locations that make the experience truly enjoyable!
Sandy McGrath
Sandy McGrath
March 22, 2022.
Always a great experience … efficient and pleasant

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3 Reasons to Choose Canna Provisions Over Another

Dispensary in Pioneer Valley

1. Well-Honed Product Collection

You may have other Pioneer Valley dispensaries to choose from, but Canna Provisions is no new name in the world of weed. We’ve been around for a while. While that brings along a host of advantages, this also means we have spent the time building one of the most mature product lines anywhere in the state. We’re known for our flower strain availability and no shortages, but also our massive product selection. From concentrates and tinctures to topicals and edibles—we’ve got what you’re looking for!

2. Knowledgeable Guides

Which strain is uplifting? What’s the difference between indican and sativa? How much of a dab is a dab? You’ve got questions, our guides have the answers. We’re passionate about cannabis and about making sure you have the best experience.

3. One Word: Chemdog

Can you find the real OG Chemdog at another dispensary in Pioneer Valley? Nope, because the real man himself (aka Greg Krzanowski), is actually the head grower here at Canna Provisions. We don’t just have the man, we have his original and created strains, which have their own impressive reputations. We hope to see you soon at Canna Provisions!

Plan Ahead with Our Online Menus!

One other great advantage of visiting us over another Pioneer Valley MA dispensary—our menu is totally online. That means you can browse our selection, take your picks before you make the trip, and pay for your items that will be ready for pickup when you arrive. How’s that for convenience?

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