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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Cannabis Lovers in Lee & Holyoke, MA

Cannabis being introduced into sexual settings or relationships: Yay or nay?

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you are either in the “yay” camp or are at least entertaining the idea of it. It’s likely you were looking for where to find the best cannabis products for Valentine’s Day, or searching for the best marijuana edibles for increasing romantic desire, or just where to find the best recreational dispensary in Massachusetts near Connecticut. In all cases we are happy to report you have landed in the perfect place.

Because here is a list of some of the best Valentine’s Day cannabis products found at Canna Provisions Lee and Canna Provisions Holyoke for longtime couples, star-crossed lovers, polyamorous playthings, one-night-stands, or anyone looking to mix sex and cannabis. And as fans of both romance and weed between adults, we generally hold the notion that like the daring geniuses who decided chocolate and peanut butter go exceptionally well together, so do the worlds of sex and cannabis. Even if both are being enjoyed solo. No judgement here.

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Cannabis Gift Boxes For Valentine’s Day

indica vday cannabis gift boxes with select products

The “High On Love” Valentine’s Day cannabis gift box at Canna Provisions stores

  • California Raisins pre-roll 5-pack
  • Smash Hits Chocolate Peaches 3.5g flower
  • Smash Hits Hippy Slayer .3g Chillum
  • Blazy Susan Pink Cones 3-pack
  • Glass bowl

edible vday cannabis gift boxes with select products

The “Canna Be Your Valentine” Valentine’s Day cannabis gift box at Canna Provisions stores

  • Choice Chews Sativa Strawberry Lemonade
  • Betty’s Eddy’s Smashin’ Passion chews with horny goat weed
  • 1906 Love Drops (see below)
  • Her Highness Cinnamon Lips THC mints

sativa vday cannabis gift boxes with select products

The “Love On The Brain” Valentine’s Day cannabis gift box at Canna Provisions stores

  • NYC Haze prerolls 5-pack
  • Smash Hits Stardawg 3.5g flower
  • Smash Hits Blue Dream .3g Chillum
  • Blazy Susan Pink Cones 3-pack
  • Glass Bowl




Gummies, Taffy chews, and Tinctures with THCV

  • Betty’s Eddies Go Betty Go for Energy chews
  • Bay State Extracts Trifecta Focus Drops THCV:CBG:CBD
  • Coast Cannabis Raspberry Lime THC:THCV:CBD gummies

Why have some consumers nicknamed THCV “Skinny Weed”? Why do more and more fitness people turn to cannabis products with THCV or formulations involving minor cannabinoids like CBG along with CBD? Why do Betty’s Eddies Watermelon full spectrum chews with L-theanine and natural caffeine from coffee both taste great and give us energy at the gym (even when the gym is the bedroom)? Because consumers who have reported they feel a less psychoactive effect but more motivated, alert and energizing feeling of euphoria when taking cannabis edibles for energy or energy during naughty time seem to know what they like. Want to give them a shot? Search “THCV” on our menus in Holyoke and Lee to see what’s in stock.



THCV products near me
Looking for a little more energy in the tank when the time comes to mix cannabis and sex? Check out these products and feel the difference a little THCV for energy makes.
1906 love drops arousal herbal plant based thc cbd
Want to know what the “Viagra of the Amazon” plant has to do with this post? Keep reading!

1906 DROPS


1906 drops midnight drops genius drops love drops chill drops go drops bliss drops
1906 Drops are here to drop some Bliss your way. Or help you Go. Or just Love harder. Maybe be more of a Genius. Or just Chill.

Love. Bliss. Go. Not just the starting commands for engaging in some well deserved hanky-panky, these are the titles of some of the go-to 1906 Drops staffers at Canna Provisions often suggest lovers or the canna-coital-curious inquiring about different cannabis products to introduce in the bedroom. Why? Well 1906 Drops – pills you swallow not chew – is one of the fastest-acting edibles on the market, activating in 20 minutes and specially formulated to kick in consistently with their range of effects and product lines. Sure they essentially all have THC and CBD in different formulations, but they also have an X factor. For the 1906 Love drops available in Holyoke and Lee, blend five herbal aphrodisiacs (think: the natural “Viagra of the Amazon”) to boost arousal. Bliss and Go are also great, since taking either can help you do or experience what the name suggests. Especially when prolonged physical activity is required.






Sometimes you land them one at a time in 1g buds, or 1g prerolls. Sometimes you buy them 28 grams at a time, either in bud form, popcorn buds, shake, and now the Smash Stash featuring four different strains of 1g prerolls (ask your Canna Provisions guide about it and what the latest strains are, or just search Smash Stash on our menu). Look, having a hot body and attractive features is great, which you have inside and out, but sometimes the best way to say you love someone is showing them how much money you saved by shopping for the best cannabis flower in Massachusetts, or just that you landed products that have been suggested to be the bridge between the physical world and the rainbow technicolor pleasure town that no doubt awaits you when you bring some of these products into the bedroom.

PICTURED: Smash Hits Sour Diesel ’98.

PALATE: Pungent gas in a tangerine grove. Peppery and piney, with touch of bubble gum sweet and key lime citrus, and a coffee kissed exhale.



Best Cannabis Products for Dates

1. Smash Hits Chocolate Peaches 1g Pre-Roll

Smash Hits Chocolate Peaches Pre-Roll Product Image

Split one of these Chocolate Peaches pre-rolls from the Smash Hits Collection with your date before your Valentine’s date and there’s no way around it, you’re going to have a good time. This lower-THC strain is decadent when it comes to flavor and leaves you in a chilled headspace where that Valentine’s Day dinner will taste like the best thing you’ve ever eaten. Plus, a lot of people claim this strain has arousing tendencies, which may be good for later on—wink!

2. Three Day Weekend Disposable from High Supply

This vape disposable from High Supply is modeled after the same Sativa-leaning strain that’s known as a go-to for weekends when all you want to do is have fun. Turns out, the Three Day Weekend Disposable is also a shoo-in when it comes to date night on Valentine’s Day. If you’re planning on sharing all kinds of joint ventures for Lover’s Day, this vape is bound to be passed between the two of you many times.

3. Coast Cannabis Co. Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Bar

Forget the tired box of chocolates with a never-know-what-you’re-gonna-get filling. This year, make sure your date is given something sweet that will truly make them happy by producing a Coast Cannabis Co. Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Bar. This tantalizing chocolate bar brings out the giggles, leaves you a little mellow and chatty, and is nothing short of spectacular in terms of flavor. For whatever reason, these cannabis-infused chocolate bars are said to pair well with a good date-night movie.

4. Smash Hits Blue Dream Flower

Take your sweetheart on a cloud-hopping trip where everything is lovely and there are just a few clouds to soften your steps. Smash Hits Blue Dream Flower is a dose of energy with its Sativa lean, but this beauty is meant for sharing with its sociable effects and warm fuzzy feelings.

5. Mindies Lush Black Cherry Gummies

Made with a combination of CBD and THC, Mindies Lush Black Cherry Gummies leave you feeling all the good vibes and also energetic enough to enjoy your date. These gummies taste like they should be a Valentine’s Day treat, but they also pair well when you’re out enjoying a night of fun together because the effects are never too overbearing.

Best Cannabis Products for Intimacy

1. 1906 Love Drops 1:1

Easily one of the best cannabis products for intimacy in Massachusetts 1906 Love Drops are made with a combination of herbal aphrodisiacs like Horny Goat Weed, as well as CBD and THC. These little edibles pack a punch when you’re making plans to get your groove on, so be sure to drop a tin or pouch into your lover’s hands this Valentine’s Day.

2. Smashin’ Passion Betty’s Eddies

Betty's Eddies Smashin Passion Edibles Product Image

Even Betty can get a little freaky if she needs to. Case in point, Smashin’ Passion Betty’s Eddies are formulated specifically to support those intimate moments. With a collaboration of cannabinoids and herbs like Muira Puama, these fruit chews will get your motor running for those planned intimate endeavors.

Elevate Your Valentine’s Day Celebration with a Quick Trip to Canna Provisions

With a curated selection of premium cannabis products, we invite you to explore new heights of love and intimacy with a little help from the best cannabis products in the MA. Whether it’s a sensual edible, a decadent strain to share, or a thoughtful gift for your special someone, let us help you create unforgettable moments this Valentine’s Day. Planning ahead? Order your picks ahead from our menu in Holyoke and Lee.

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