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Posted on October 2nd, 2023 by Dan McCarthy

Planning Your Night: Cannabis Products for Before, During, and After a Night on the Town

Heading out to enjoy a night on the town? Maybe you’re planning on visiting a few local pubs and breweries, you have a date, or you’re off to that party you just got an invitation to.

There’s no other way to put it, cannabis and a good time just go hand in hand. But, as we all know, not all cannabis is created equally—some strains and products are a better fit for certain situations, circumstances, and preferences.

At Canna Provisions, we’re all about making sure you have a good time with weed, we wouldn’t be one of the best dispensaries in Massachusetts if we weren’t. So, we’ve created this awesome guide to help you find the best cannabis products to enhance your night-out plans.



Best Cannabis Products for Before Heading Out

You’re looking spiffy and ready to let the good times roll … get the night off to the best start with good weed. And, contrary to popular belief, partaking in the great green at the beginning of the night doesn’t mean you’ll be dazed and confused through all the festivities—unless that’s just what you want. The key is to look for the right flower or product to put you into your preferred headspace to have a good time.

Going on a date and needing to soothe the pre-date jitters? Turn up the charm and turn down your nerves with Strawberry Margarita 1:1 gummy from Wana.

Going out alone with intentions of being social? Try a good social Sativa that has a reputation for inducing deep conversations and human connections like Chocolatina from Nature’s Heritage. Or, take a hit or two from a Rose Gold vape from Electric Underground.

Best Cannabis Products While You’re Out

Whether you’re hitting up a concert, dancing with your best buds (the human ones), or just chillaxing at a party, there’s a cannabis product to enhance the experience.

There are some awesome THC seltzers and THC-infused drinks in Massachusetts that are always a good pick when hanging out with friends. Drinks like Smash Hits Doctor Durban Soda give you the ability to build your buzz and reach the state you want to be in while hanging out.

If music is going to be involved in the night, some weed strains seem like they were almost made to be appreciated with good tunes. Chem S1 and Blue Dream are two prime examples. So, plan a puff, puff pass sesh, turn up the volume, and gain a new appreciation for every song.

Best Cannabis Products When the Night Winds Down

For sleep

A night out can leave you a little energetically buzzed, which can make it hard to fall asleep no matter how tired you may feel. So, now’s the time to reach for more sedating options.

A good heavy, potent Indica will almost always do the trick to shut down your brain and get you to sleep. For example, California Raisins never disappoint when it comes to using cannabis for sleep. Another prime pick is Animal Face by Rythm.

Evening bedroom with cbd oil, capsules and a cannabis branch. Melatonin production, a concept to combat sleep disorders

For sex

Is sex on the agenda for the night? Pick up a good low-range THC strain known for arousing properties, and you may just find a new favorite third party in your bedroom. Need some recs? How about a Kingston Kind 1:1 pre-roll or Betty’s Eddies Smashin Passion edibles?

By the way, we’ve fully covered all the best edibles for sex and why cannabis can be good for sex if you want some insight in lieu of an anticipated night-out … encounter.

For late-night giggles

Maybe the night’s ending, but you want to go out with a bang with whoever is still hanging around for the night. Certain strains can be all-out giddy by nature, leaving you with a bad case of the giggles and maybe even the munchies before you drift off to sleepy town because you feel utterly relaxed. A good pick for just the experience is something like Chocolate Peaches or Peach Crescendo are good picks here.

Make Canna Provisions Your First Stop of the Night

When you want a guaranteed good time, Canna Provisions should always be your first stop of the night. Not only do we have one of the finest collections of weed in the state, but we also absolutely love enhancing your adventures and have no qualms about giving recommendations. Be sure to check out our menus in Holyoke and Lee to find just what you need for the night.






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