Posted on November 9th, 2023 by Dan McCarthy

High Times on Turkey Day – Celebrating Danksgiving with Cannabis

For some, smoking weed on Thanksgiving Day has become a bit of an annual tradition. Collectively, cannabis enthusiasts have even dubbed the holiday “Danksgiving”, which is simply a day of all kinds of good food, good weed, and good reasons to be grateful.

Everyone has their favorite traditions during Thanksgiving, from whipping up a favorite dish and catching a buzz post-meal with the fam to playing games. Yet, no question bringing good weed to the biggest dinner party of the year can be a big hit, no pun intended.

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The Perks of Cannabis for Thanksgiving

Get the most out of every dish on the table

Thanksgiving is the ultimate food fest, and the right cannabis can help you savor every bite like it’s your first time having pumpkin pie. When the munchies settle in just before Pops carves the turkey, you’ll know you’re about to have the best meal of your life. Be sure to check out cannabis strains and products that boost your appetite like Chocolate Peaches and Chem’s Fruit Stand. Any of these just before meal time and you will NOT be disappointed—even if you’re faced with a collection of lackluster casseroles.

Make that one relative more tolerable

The idea of hearing one more bad joke from Uncle Bob wearing on your nerves? A few hits of Hippy Slayer or Biscotti Mintz from the Smash Hits Collection and even off-the-mark Uncle Bob will be an absolute riot. Need to be a little more discreet? Hit your favorite weed vape to take the edge off.

Give a whole new meaning to bonding with your elders

Pull out your favorite pre-roll stuffed with a classic strain like Chem DOG and strike up a convo with the elders. You never know if grams, gramps, or your ma and pa may have fond memories of smoking a strain just like that back in their day. If you’re lucky, they’ll be ready to have a hit or two and take a fine trip down memory lane.

Fuel imaginative discussions around the dinner table

Pass the gravy and a joint! Cannabis can turn those family feuds into friendly debates and make the in-laws seem a bit less intimidating. “And that’s when I realized the gravy boat could be a spaceship!” Some good weed can fuel some awesome discussions and reveries.

Head off to dreamland in absolute bliss

Whether you traveled all day, spent the day hovering over a stove, or just had a hard time falling asleep after a day of excitement, good weed and infused products can be your savior. Look for the best edibles to help you sleep at night, such as the Incredibles Chocolate Snoozzzeberry Bar or Betty’s Eddies Bedtime Fruit Chews.

Check Out These Danksgiving Customs

If you’re looking to go all out this year for Thanksgiving and throw a bonafide Danksgiving party, starting your own traditions can be a blast. However, there are a few customs that other Danksgiving celebrators often do that you may want to consider for your festivities:

  • Create a cannabis bud-outfitted centerpiece on the table filled with a collection of the best flower in MA
  • Concoct a few infused condiments like gravy or even butter with pre-ground for guests to use at-will at the dinner table
  • Make some cannabis-infused protein bites for guests to get their day off to a good start the next morning
  • Invite guests to bring their favorite strains or infused dishes to share
  • Set up a rolling station with a grinder, tray, papers, and everything your guests may need to roll their own
  • Don’t forget to supply some good tunes and a good place to relax and discuss food and life
  • Stock the fridge with a collection of the best THC seltzers and infused beverages in Massachusetts

Lastly, make safety a priority to ensure a truly happy Danksgiving. Be prepared to make room for your guests to sleep for the night after partaking in the bountiful cornucopia of cannabis goodness at your weed-filled dinner. And, make sure to guide those who may be unfamiliar with cannabis dosing to keep their intake levels in check.

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Happy Danksgiving from Canna provisions

From all of us at Canna Provisions to all of you, we hope you have the best Thanksgiving ever, with or without cannabis included. If you’re looking for the best dispensary to do your shopping for the holiday, be sure to take a look at our menus in Holyoke and Lee to catch all the latest deals.

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