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Top Cannabis Vape Cart Brands in Massachusetts

On the search for the best vape brands in Massachusetts? Maybe you want only the high THC vape pens Massachusetts provides. When it comes to cannabis vapes in MA, you’ve got no shortage of options when you stop in at the dispensary. From live resin vapes with loads of flavor to vapes specifically curated to create a desirable experience, MA has a lot to offer. And, you can find some of the best vapes in Massachusetts right here at Canna Provisions. Check out the top vape brands MA has to offer.

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The Best Vape Cartridges Massachusetts Has Available

Treeworks live rosin vape cart canna provisions smash hits chemdog chem91



Considering Treeworks is the Massachusetts High Times Cannabis Cup award winner 2022 for Best Live Hash Rosin – using Canna Provisions own Smash Hits cannabis California Raisins strain (led by the legend Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski) – it makes sense that the collaboration between Treeworks and Canna Provisions for Live Rosin vape carts is always going to be best in class. Their line of Live Rosin 510 vape carts using strains like Wonka Bars, Tangieland, MAC 1 (Cap’s Cut), and the game-changing Chem 91.

2. Coast Cannabis Co.

Coast Cannabis Co. brings precision-crafted cannabis vape products to the table to grant shoppers access to some of the best vape carts MA has to offer. Coast offers strains you know and love like Strawberry Cough, Wedding Cake, and Sour Diesel, but also keeps you in the loop with up-and-coming strains that offer unique twists like Dosi Mango and Orange Soda.

3. Fernway

When it comes to the best vape pens in Massachusetts, you won’t want to pass up a vape pen or cart from Fernway. Fernway is one of the best vape pen brands Massachusetts shoppers love because of the massive collection of flavors and strains. However, the brand also offers live resin vape pens, which have flavors that perfectly mimic the strain. You’ll find favorites like Berry Haze, Red Headed Stranger, and Tahoe OG from this brand in both disposable and cart forms.

4. &Shine

&Shine is a relative newcomer to the vape cart lineup but is already said to be one of the best when it comes to high THC vapes Massachusetts has. With favorite classic flavors like Green Crack and Northern Lights, this brand brings vape carts to life that always provide a familiar experience. Take your pick from Sativa, indican, or Hybrid vapes with high THC potencies and loads of natural flavor.

5. Electric Underground

Electric Underground offers a limited selection of vape pens in MA, but in flavors that any cannabis aficionado can appreciate. Pineapple Whip, Lemon Slushie, Forbidden Fruit, and Rose Gold are just a few options you’ll find on the dispensary menu. Each vape pen is created to deliver a certain experience. For example, Rose Gold offers flavors and aromatics of strains like Moonbow and Pineapple Express with a euphoric high that always makes you feel like everything’s golden.

6. Rythm

When it comes to cartridges and vape pens in Massachusetts, Rythm is probably one of the most recognized brands. Rythm is known for offering some of the strongest vapes Massachusetts has available today. And, with strains like Head Cracker, Animal Mints, and Fruity Chronic, there’s never a shortage of good options on the menu. The best part, Rythm vapes are made 100 percent with cannabis, including full-spectrum CO2 oil and terpenes.

Find the Best Vape Carts Massachusetts Offers at Canna Provisions

Whether you are looking for the strongest vape pens Massachusetts has to offer or carts that are big on flavor and therapeutic effects, you’ll find a brand on our menu that can deliver. Be sure to take a look at our Lee and Holyoke menus to track down the best vape brands in the state.

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