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How Much is a QP of Weed?


For the most part, when you visit a dispensary for cannabis you’re probably going to be scanning small measurements of weed. You may see an eighth, a quarter, or even an ounce. However, something you will likely not see any time soon is a QP of weed. How much is in a QP of weed? A lot more than our dispensary can legally sell for sure, but knowing what a QP is and looks like can give you a better understanding of just how much weed this is.

So, how much is QP of weed really?

If you have a QP of weed, you have a quarter-pound of weed. This is one-fourth of a pound, and a pound is 16 ounces. So, you basically have four ounces of weed when you have a QP, which comes out to be just over 113 grams.

How much is a quarter pound of weed compared to a quarter?

A quarter of weed is used in reference to a quarter-ounce of weed, which is about 7 grams. This is roughly enough for about 7 blunts. If you’re shopping at a Massachusetts dispensary and see what’s labeled as a quarter up for sale, you’re looking at a quarter-ounce and definitely not a quarter-pound. A QP is a lot more weed, and it is not an amount dispensaries in MA are legally allowed to sell.

What does a QP of weed look like?

A QP of weed is a lot, like a lot, a lot of weed. So, if anyone has a QP of weed on hand, it would be hard to miss. Of course, the exact size of the amount will vary depending on the strain and the denseness of the flower, but a QP could easily be enough weed to fill a few glass jars or sizable bags relatively full. If you roll half-gram joints, you can roll for days—a QP should make over 225 of them.

Get Just What You Pay for at Our Dispensaries

An eighth, a quarter, a dime, a slice, a zip—people use all kinds of lingo to refer to how much weed they’re getting or how much they’ve got. While most people know a term or two, things can get a little weird when you’re at the dispensary and have no idea how to ask for the amount of bud you really want. Don’t worry, at Canna Provisions, we keep things as simple as possible and our budtenders are always ready and willing to explain—no social anxiety necessary.

Unfortunately, Mass state laws say we can’t sell you a QP during one trip, but we’ve got you covered for up to an ounce with no shortages, ever. Be sure to check out our menu before your trip!

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