Kosher Cannabis

Posted on December 8th, 2023 by Canna Provisions

Is Cannabis Kosher? Everything You Need to Know

In Hebrew, the word “kosher” means “appropriate” or “fit.” Usually, when something is kosher, it means that it meets specific dietary guidelines set forth by the Jewish religion or a set of traditional rules known as Kashrut. However, cannabis is also technically something consumed or taken into the body, which often leads to the question, is weed kosher? You may even wonder where you can purchase kosher cannabis and what to look for at the dispensary. We’ve pulled together the details about kosher cannabis below.

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Kosher Cannabis

Is cannabis kosher?

Cannabis flower is considered kosher as long as it is smoked and has no other additives in the plant material. Depending on who you ask, some rabbis only consider medicinal cannabis kosher and not cannabis used for recreational purposes. However, the generally understood idea is that cannabis remains kosher as long as it is in its natural state and consumed via smoking.

In order to be deemed as kosher, by narrow definition, an item cannot contain ingredients from substances not considered kosher, such as milk, meat, or ingredients from non-kosher animals. While some cultivators take extra steps to get their flower certified as kosher, this is not the norm, and it is also not required.

A flower certified as kosher has simply been grown with extra care and clean practices and more thoroughly tested after harvest to look for impurities. But because the flower is only a plant and typically smoked anyway, all cannabis flowers could technically be considered kosher even without the certifiable designation.

Is weed kosher for Passover?

This question arises quite a bit in the Jewish community, and there can be conflicting answers. However, in 2016, a leading rabbi known as Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky made the rule that cannabis is kosher during the 80 days of Passover as long as it is used for medical purposes.

Of course, “medicinal” has grown to be a relatively broad and ambiguous term in the minds of a lot of people. Therefore, if you are concerned about sticking to the rules during Passover, and you’re not certain whether your reasons for using cannabis could be considered medicinal, it may be best to consult a trusted Rabbi for advice.

What about other cannabis products—are they also kosher?

Everything gets more complicated when you begin examining processed cannabis products like vapes, tinctures, concentrates, and edibles to see whether they are kosher. These products are made by breaking down the plant and using several different processes and manufacturing methods to create a cannabis product.

You will find several brands that take the extra step to get kosher certified because of this fact. For example, Wana Gummies, which are considered one of the best edible brands in Massachusetts, are kosher certified. Likewise, Levia Cannabis-Infused Seltzers are kosher-certified.

If you are shopping for kosher cannabis products, always look closely at the label or check out the brand’s website to determine if the product is certified kosher. Look for kosher-certified symbols, which may vary depending on the specific ingredients or verifying entity.

When cannabis products are certified as kosher, an agency with the authority to provide kashrut certification will require the manufacturer to:

  • Submit an application that details the product and its ingredients
  • Undergo an in-depth assessment of the ingredients in the product
  • Commit to an in-person audit of the production facility to ensure kosher standards are met

Remaining certified kosher with processed cannabis products requires ongoing site audits and evaluations. Therefore, if you find a cannabis product like an edible or otherwise with the kosher certification, you will know the brand remains committed to providing quality kosher products to customers.

Shop for Kosher Cannabis and Cannabis Products at Canna Provisions

At Canna Provisions, we take pride in making every journey better, which means we have to provide a menu with provisions included for every group. We work with the top cultivators and processors in the state and have several kosher picks on the menu, including one of the best collections of flower in Massachusetts. If you are traipsing through the Holyoke or Lee area, be sure to stop in for a visit. One of our budtenders will be happy to point you in the direction of some of the best kosher products.

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