Posted on May 19th, 2022 by Carissa Desiderato

This week’s features!

check out this week’s features!

high testing flower

Interested in some high-testing flower? We have a new high-testing hybrid for you to try!
Airplane Glue | 3.5g | THC 32% + | Garden Remedies

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cloud creamery ice cream

The weather is finally warming up which means ice cream season is upon us! Infused ice cream on a hot day is the way to go! This is perfect for you if you are watching your calories but still want to enjoy some ice cream. Cloud Creamery has come out with a new strawberry shortcake flavor. Only 150 calories with 5mg of THC, you can’t go wrong! This flavor is vegan and lactose free! 

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freshly baked raspberry lime live resin gummies

Back in stock! These are a fan-favorite around here! Check out these raspberry lime live resin gummies – now made with Blue Dream!

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