Top 5 Strains in Massachusetts March 2024 Flower Expo Canna Provisions Smash Hits cannabis Chemdog

Posted on February 28th, 2024 by Canna Provisions

Top 5 Strains In Massachusetts March 2024

Top 5 Cannabis Strains in Massachusetts March 2024

Discover the most popular cannabis strains in the Bay State that are taking the market by storm. From energizing sativas to relaxing indicas, these strains offer unique effects, tantalizing aromas, and rich genetics. Allow us to present the Flower Expo team picks for top 5 cannabis strains in Massachusetts for March 2024.

And wouldn’t you know it? All but one of them are from Smash Hits cannabis by Chemdog and Canna Provisions, and one is from Nature’s Heritage, one of the top selling brands at Canna Provisions Lee and Canna Provisions Holyoke adult use dispensaries near New York and Connecticut.



1. Stardawg (Corey Cut)

EFFECT: Experience an energetic yet calming high, perfect for creative endeavors and social gatherings.
AROMA AND PALATE: Enjoy the blend of sharp, fuel-like notes with undertones of citrus.
GENETICS: A sativa-dominant hybrid derived from Tresdawg and Chem 4, offering a high THC content.

stardawg corey cut corey haim smash hits chemdog canna provisions

2. Rainbow Chip

EFFECT: A balanced high that stimulates the mind while relaxing the body.
AROMA AND PALATE: Sweet, fruity flavors mixed with earthy undertones.
GENETICS: A unique combination that brings together a diverse array of parent strains for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Rainbow Chip strain Nature's Heritage at Canna Provisions Lee Holyoke

3. Blue Dream

EFFECT: A smooth, uplifting high that suits any time of day.
AROMA AND PALATE: A delicious berry scent with herbal notes.
GENETICS: A cross between Blueberry indica and sativa Haze, embodying the best of both worlds.

Blue Dream Smash Hits marijuana strain
Blue Dream by Smash Hits cannabis.

4. Chocolate Peaches

EFFECT: Expect a deep, couch-lock relaxation ideal for unwinding.
AROMA AND PALATE: A luscious blend of chocolate and peach flavors.
GENETICS: This strain is known for its indica-dominant effects and sweet, dessert-like aroma.

Smash Hits Chocolate Peaches Pre-Roll Product Image

5. Chem D

EFFECT: A potent strain known for its stress-relieving properties and creative boost.
AROMA AND PALATE: Strong, earthy flavors with a hint of diesel.
GENETICS: A legendary strain with a rich heritage in the cannabis community.
NOTE: Chem D was the Leafly Budtender’s Choice Strain of the Year 2023.

The Smash Hits Chem D strain available at Canna Provisions Lee and Canna Provisions Holyoke.


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