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Posted on July 8th, 2022 by Dan McCarthy

Western Mass News Covers Clone Sales Day At Canna Provisions Holyoke

For the first adult-use cannabis retailer to open in Holyoke, Massachusetts, Canna Provisions Holyoke is known to set the bar for Pioneer Valley cannabis, especially Holyoke cannabis.

Western Mass News (CBS 3, ABC 40, FOX 6) reporter Libby James came through Canna Provisions Holyoke on Thursday July 7 at 380 Dwight Street downtown to see why people were flocking in first thing in the morning (hey there, preorders!) and picking up their 4-inch rooted baby Smash Hits cannabis clone, ready to bring home and take care of as per Chemdog’s basic clone care tips you can read by clicking here.

From Western Mass News [VIDEO]:

Canna Provisions Holyoke clone sales chemdog recreational dispensary
Chemdog showing off a Chem 4 clone for Libby James from Western Mass News.

HOLYOKE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) – A marijuana dispensary in Holyoke is now selling pots plants for people to grow themselves at home.

Canna Provisions is now selling four popular strains in plant form for those interested in growing at home.

“Fortunately, Massachusetts is a state that allows home grow and we love that. We want to support that and what better way to support that than to have clones for people to purchase,” said Canna Provisions CEO Meg Sanders.

Western Mass News met with the executive team on Thursday, who made this opportunity to grow at home possible.

“So we have the amazing ‘Chemdog’ who has a lot of insight on how to grow clones and how to grow plants,” Sanders explained.

Canna Provisions Holyoke recreational dispensary near Hartford CT chemdog clones
CEO Meg Sanders letting people know they can sign up for our emails and get tips from Chemdog on clone care for homegrow!

Greg Krzanowski is their head grow expert, known as ‘Chemdog.’ He has been in the marijuana business for 20 years and told Western Mass News how they are able to legally sell the potted plants legally.

“You’re allowed to sell clones, you’re allowed to sell plant material. It wasn’t until, I believe, six or seven months ago they figured all of that out, but now you are allowed to sell clones as long as they are under a certain height and tested and these have all been tested,” Krzanowski said.

He told us what makes these plants so special.

“I have the original clone, so the original mom. I had you take the clone and you can just keep reproducing that plant over and over again, so I have the original clone plant from back from 1991, ‘94, and 2000…the main chems I started back then…and finally, 22 years later, I am finally starting to release some of them to the public,” Krzanowski added.

However, there is a limit to how many plants a person can buy.

“The limit is six. That is based on the plant material that an adult is allowed to have at this stage of growth within the plant,” Sanders noted.

For those who purchase a plant, but don’t know where to go from there, “We are giving people information via email and we hope to get to the point where we have videos and ‘Chemdog’ telling people ‘This is what I’m doing right now and this is how you do it’ and that’s the program we are currently building,” Sanders said.

These plants will be available for purchase for a limited time only through July 10.

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