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Dispensary Near NYC, NY

Which dispensaries are on my way to NYC?

Stop At Canna Provisions!

Headed to NYC? If you’re looking for dispensaries near New York City to visit along the way, Canna Provisions is the place. You’ll find both of our dispensaries on the way to NYC just off the Massachusetts Turnpike in Holyoke or Lee, MA. So if you’re planning a trip to the Big Apple and want a convenient dispensary, excellent selection, and easy accessibility, be sure to stop by and see us!

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3 Reasons to Stop By

Our Dispensary Off the Massachusetts Turnpike 

1. We’re Literally Minutes off the Turnpike

If you visit Canna Provisions in Lee, we’re less than a mile off the turnpike. If you visit our dispensary in Holyoke, we’re not even three miles from the exit. If you’re looking for dispensaries on your way to NYC that won’t have you driving a long way out of your way, our dispensaries are both good options.

2. We’re an Award-Winning Dispensary

Canna Provisions was actually voted as the Best Adult-Use Cannabis Dispensary in MA. So, even though you have a lot of other options as you travel through the state to get the cannabis you want, we are that award-winning place that is most likely to ensure you have the best shopping experience. Our dispensary has grown to be a state favorite because we’re wholly committed to customer satisfaction. From our expert guides that are here to answer your questions to our commitment to quality products and convenience, it’s all about serving you.

3. We Have an Impressive Selection

As a dispensary that’s been in operation for a while, we’ve had the time to tweak and hone our cannabis selection. With an all-out icon as our head grower, a team of cannabis enthusiasts in command, and close ties to local growers and product producers, we build our menu with the best of the best. Concentrates, edibles, premium flower—you’ll find it all right here.

Why Visit from NYC?

If you’re from NYC and planning a trip to an MA dispensary, we’re just as worthy of the visit. You’ll be treated to what is known as one of the most scenic drives through the state along the way, and our dispensaries are close enough to Six Flags and numerous hiking possibilities like at the Berkshire Camino or Housatonic Flats. Not to mention, you won’t find any other dispensaries near NYC with Gregory ‘Chemdog’ Krzanowski as their director of cultivation.

Before you head out, be sure to take a look at our dispensary menu. If you’re in a major hurry, you can simply place your order online and we’ll get it ready for your pickup!

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