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Ready to get your hands in the dirt and bring your own cannabis to life? Thankfully, Massachusetts allows adults to grow their own cannabis plants at home. Canna Provisions teamed up with its Director of Cultivation Greg ‘Chemdog’ Krzanowski to ensure home growers have access to top-quality clones for sale in Massachusetts. So, if you’re in the market for Chemdog clones or cannabis clones from noteworthy lineages, swing by and see us.

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How Do I Care For My Cannabis Clone?

Check out this post on our blog “Clone Care by Chemdog” which gives you Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski’s personal tips on handling your Smash Hits cannabis clone from Canna Provisions Lee or Holyoke.

What Strains Do You Carry For Clones?

We are proud to offer clones of our Smash Hits cannabis, featuring the legendary genetics and expert cannabis cultivation knowledge of our Director of Cultivation of Smash Hits cannabis, Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski.

Sign up for our email list to get news on the latest drops. In 2024 there will be clones for sale from Canna Provisions across several strains. Leafly mentioned the potential drops in their story Leafly’s Best Seeds and Marijuana Clones 2024 preview feature:

  • “Chemdog popularizer Chemdog and his Smash Hits brand in Western Massachusetts has Z clones for the legal market. Grab [Zkittle] Head ([Zkittle] x Headbanger Kush) and Zour Diesel ([Zkittle] x Sour Diesel). All will be available at Canna Provisions stores in Lee and Holyoke in Massachusetts.”

Past strain clone drops have featured Lemon OG Haze clones, Blue Dream clones, Urkle x Tres Dawg clones, Member Berry clones, Apple Fritter clones, Waffle Cone clones, as well as Chem D x Vintage Afghani cannabis clones, and more.

Canna Provisions Lee and Canna Provisions Holyoke sell cannabis clones of our exclusive Chemdog clones from his proprietary original genetics like Chem 91, Chem 4, Chem S1 and others.

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Where Can I Purchase Cannabis Clones?

You can purchase any of our Smash Hits cannabis clones at either of our retail stores in Lee or Holyoke Massachusetts while inventory lasts for each clone drop. Just check out the menu and shop for cannabis flower and clones in Canna Provisions Lee and Canna Provisions Holyoke.

We do have select partners in Massachusetts where you can buy authentic Chemdog clones and Smash Hits cannabis clones and products.

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Growing Cannabis Outdoors: Essentials, Tips, and Tricks

Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation: A Western Massachusetts Guide

If you’ve ever considered growing cannabis outdoors under the Massachusetts sun, sprouting your ambitions has never been easier thanks to legal home grow. Whether it’s for therapeutic, recreational, or personal connection, growing cannabis outdoors presents a unique opportunity to reap what you sow. Here’s your roadmap to a fruitful harvest as outlined by legacy market cannabis icon and Smash Hits cannabis Director of Cultivation, Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski.

The Daily Routine:

  • Morning Dew: One of the essentials for healthy cannabis growth is ensuring the leaves remain dew-free in the mornings. Dew retention can cause mold or disease. Pro tip? A leaf blower can be your morning companion to blow off the dew and safeguard your plants.

Timing is Everything:

  • Planting Time: On the East Coast, particularly in the Northeast, the ideal time to plant outdoors is around June 1st. By this time, the frost is usually over, and the conditions are apt for young plants, ideally around a foot tall.
  • Growth Phase: Ensure you don’t overcrowd your plants. They need room to breathe and grow. Initially, feed them with vegetation food. As the sun alters its course and days start getting shorter, it’s a signal to switch to bloom feed.
  • Harvesting: Come late September to mid-October, it’s time to reap. However, remember, every plant is unique. Some local favorites for outdoor cultivation include our Blue Dream clones, Lemon OG Haze clones, Hippy Slayer, Urkle x Tres Dawg, and our classic Stardawg (Corey Cut) strains. Just incredible terpenes profile and reaching full potential under the natural wind, rain, and sun of the Berkshires. And don’t forget: The real fun and magic happens in the cure afterwards, so let those buds cure well and you’ll have some amazing flower.

A Firm Foundation:

  • Soil Selection: A strong foundation ensures a thriving plant. We recommend using Bio365 soil, renowned for its nutrient-rich composition. If starting with a clone or seed, once your plant is about a foot tall, it’s ready to be planted in this nurturing bed.
  • Container Size: If you’re going with pots, a minimum of 7-gallon capacity is advisable. If planting directly into the ground, dig a sizable hole and infuse it with Bio365 soil for the best results.

Be Vigilant:

  • Natural Defenders Against Bugs & Pests: When it comes to outdoor cultivation, encountering pests is inevitable. However, it’s essential to approach this challenge naturally. Ladybugs, for instance, are a garden’s best friend—they naturally keep harmful insects at bay without resorting to harmful chemicals. Remember, while it’s tempting to reach for heavy-duty solutions, avoid poisonous chemicals and pesticides. They might harm your plants and are not good for the environment. Embrace nature’s defenders for a safer and more organic cultivation experience.

The Basics: Essentials for Outdoor Cultivation

  • A Leaf Blower: For morning dew management.
  • High-quality Soil: Bio365 is a trusted choice.
  • Pots: At least 7-gallon capacity or a well-prepared garden bed.
  • Pesticides: No. Use natural solutions like ladybugs for those unwanted guests.
  • Regular Watering: Especially if you’re skipping daily checks.

Clones For Sale (Where To Buy ChemDog Clones, Smash Hits Strains)

Ready to get your hands in the dirt and bring your own cannabis to life? Thankfully, Massachusetts allows adults to grow their own cannabis plants at home. Canna Provisions teamed up with its Director of Cultivation Greg ‘Chemdog’ Krzanowski to ensure home growers have access to top-quality clones for sale in Massachusetts. So, if you’re in the market for Chemdog clones or cannabis clones from noteworthy lineages, swing by and see us.

Buying Clones for Sale in MA – What’s the Limit?

Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission allows adults 21 and over to grow up to six plants for private use in their homes. Homes that house more than one adult can grow up to 12 plants. However, when it comes to clones for sale, Massachusetts says we are only legally allowed to sell six clones to each individual customer.


A Closer Look at What You Get with Chemdog Clones

The Chemdog cannabis strain is an original plant grown by Chemdog himself back in the 90s. For many years, this particular strain has been highly sought-after for its incredible potency, effects, and aromatics. This cultivar truly holds a permanent spot in the cannabis hall of fame, garnering several nods, mentions, and awards over the last several years. Therefore, there have been quite a few imposters marketed and mimicked from coast to coast.

Due to the fact that Chemdog clones for sale at Canna Provisions are direct clones of the original plant from the original grower, you can guarantee you’re walking away with the real deal. And, these clones are taken with the absolute love and care that only a 20-plus-year cultivator could offer.

Lemon OG Haze Smash Hits clones for sale in Massachusetts Canna Provisions

Smash Hits Clones for Sale

While Chemdog clones may be the most popular option, we’ve got a few other fan faves from the Smash Hits Collection to offer. The Smash Hits Collection is a collection of strains pulled together by Chemdog himself, many of which are direct descendants or have genetic ties to the famous original Chem. For a limited time, we will be offering select clones for sale from the collection that carry exceptional terpene and cannabinoid profiles cannabis connoisseurs have grown to love and appreciate.

Canna Provisions clones for sale in Massachusetts Smash Hits Chemdog


Already Bought Your Clones for Sale in MA?

You’ve made your way home safely with that Smash Hits clone, and now comes the fun. Check out the quick rundown in Clone Care from Chemdog on how to care for and raise your new green baby in such a way that she’ll pay back your nurturing with glorious buds. In the meantime, don’t forget to take a look at our menu to get your hands on premium flower from the Smash Hits Collection.




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