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Posted on November 1st, 2022 by Dan McCarthy

Northeast Leaf “Chemdog Clones Drop At Canna Provisions” Feature

The November issue of Northeast Leaf magazine, a champion and chronicler of cannabis culture if there was one these days, wasn’t going to let the Harvest Issue 2022 go without this story.

Because when word got out over the summer that Canna Provisions was going to be dropping clones of its Smash Hits flower line – overseen and led by Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski – lines formed immediately. For good reason. Never before had legitimate Chemdog-grown clones of actual Chemdog genetics (Chem 4, Chem D x Vintage Afghani) been released on the legal market. And definitely not with the man himself raising them from seed to 4-inch potted lady ready to go home and enjoy the freedom of home grow.


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From the November 2022 Northeast Leaf Harvest Issue:

This, of course, made it the first time in U.S. history one could procure legitimate Chemdog genetics, grown by Chem Dog himself, on the adult-use legal market. A fact not lost on the throngs of early arrivals during the first clone drop, which quickly became a wraparound line flanking Canna Provisions’ Lee, Massachusetts location. The event became something of a celebration and celebrity sighting for those keen on catching a glimpse of Chem Dog in real life.

For the lucky consumers who got in on the clone drops from over the summer, the crisp autumn air would now mean sticky fingers and trim jail while the work is done on a home Smash Hits crop. As the season changes and weeks of growing lead to harvest time across the region, it also means local competitions. The heavy-hitting Smash Hits phenotype Da Funk (GMO x Jet Fuel) – a high-impact, pain-relieving strain bursting with mint cream and gassy funk notes – won at the recent Croptoberfest flower competition in Tolland, Massachusetts in early October.

Want to learn more about caring for your clones at home? Check out these clone care tips from Chemdog himself!

Canna Provisions clones for sale in Massachusetts Smash Hits Chemdog
Chemdog inspecting some Chem 4 at the Smash Hits craft cultivation in Sheffield, MA.


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