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Purple Chem Strain

What is the Purple Chem Strain?

The Purple Chem strain is one more offspring of Chemdog. And, this Indica-dominant cultivar is rapidly stepping up as a noteworthy contender among its siblings and possibly waving a peace sign. Moderately potent, drenched in flavor and aromatics, and totally sedating, Purple Chem has no shortage of draws. Below is your formal intro to an up-and-coming strain.

Strain Info

Purple Chem Strain Genetics

Genetics: Chemdog and Grandaddy Purple

You can’t really go wrong when you pair up two all-star, award-winning cannabis strains like Granddaddy Purple and Chemdawg. The super-dank result is a star of its own: Purple Chem. Purple Chem takes on many of the traits of Chemdawg: it is pungent, powerful, and growing more sought-after by the day. However, in her true purple glory, Purple Chem takes on a sweet grape flavor from Granddaddy Purple. This softens the blow just a bit where aromatics and flavor are concerned, but definitely not with the effects.

Purple Chem Terpenes

Top Terpenes: Caryophyllene, limonene, linalool, myrcene

Most strains that have Chemdawg lineage are known for their profound aromatics. This over-the-top aromatic quality comes from the high saturation of terpenes, and Purple Chem nabbed a lot of those in its own lineup. With spicy caryophyllene, citrusy limonene, flowery linalool, and an entire list of others, Purple Chem has an impressive collection of flavors.

The pungency of the strain is hard to conceal, but instead of hardcore diesel, you catch a whiff of sour grapes. The flavor of Purple Chem is enough to leave your tongue in a bit of wonder. The citrus flavors here are most prominent, but there’s also spicy wood at the back of the throat and telltale grape-tinged sweetness.

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Purple Chem Weed Strain Effects

Effects: Deep couch-lock with spectacular thought induction

The effects of Purple Chem first manifest as an almost unavoidable tendency to get lost in the most random thoughts. However, by the time you realize you’re lost in outer space, calculating the difference between supernovas and comets, you’re in seriously sedated territory. Couchlock is to be expected—but it is the most pleasant, least-anxiety-inducing experience to be there. Your body feels heavy, but your mind is as light as air, wandering aimlessly without stress.

Purple Chem is a good choice for therapeutic users and chronic pain patients because of its sedating effects. However, that nice lightweight mentality is great for people dealing with depression and anxiety.

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Strains Like Purple Chem to Try

Try one of Chemdog’s newest Smash Hits, Lemon Tree x Purple Chem!

Taking classic Purple Chemdog and smashing it together with the eye-opening flavor pops and uplift of Lemon Tree can only mean one thing. Super sour, lemon and petrol-skunk flavors, and polished palates will notice the sweet dewy grape flavor that hugs the palate. Effects are like a solid hybrid with both mind and body elevated. But the added effects of the Purple Chem means there’s a big creative burst for those looking for a deep high with introspective tendencies. Great hiking strain!

FAMILY HISTORY:  Lemon Tree x Purple Chem

PALATE: Big lemon and skunky diesel wrapped in sweet grapes

EFFECT: Solid hybrid uplift and creative bursts followed by relaxing and contentment vibes.

TERPENES: 0.68% TOP: b-Caryophyllene, b-Myrcene, d-Limonene, a-Humulene

Meet Purple Chem and Other Smash Hits at Canna Provisions

Ready to try Purple Chem? Prepare to meet face to face—you can find Purple Chem tucked away on our menu at Canna Provisions. Our specialty is pulling together all the Chemdawg favorites because the “Real Chemdawg” is actually our head grower: Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski. Be sure to get a look at our massive selection and reserve your favorite strains in advance for pickup.




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