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The Best Cannabis Products for Fall

What are the best cannabis products for fall? The real answer is, it all depends.

If you’re all about that pumpkin spice flavor to enhance the season when the weather changes, certain weed strains and products definitely deliver. If you’re into hiking and fall foraging in autumn, you may be more focused on effects than flavor. If the change in weather tends to get your seasonal moody blues settling in, you might just need something else entirely.

Whatever type of fall person you happen to be, bud, you know we’ve got you covered at Canna Provisions. Check out our recommendations for the best weed for fall, in every situation.

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What products pair best with pumpkin spice?

Something odd happens when the leaves change colors in the fall—pumpkin spice instantly becomes more enticing. We must have it to mark the season. None of us can ever explain it, but those essences of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and roasted pumpkin carry some strange nostalgia. We get it, and, believe it or not, certain weed feeds this need or goes so well with the pumpkin spice latte you drink and candles you burn that it’s like they were meant to be.

Prime example? The Apple Fritter strain from our very own Smash Hits Collection. This true hybrid tastes like a toss-up between warm apples and cake batter with a hint of spice, and it’s a surefire trip straight into euphoric relaxation with telltale mental energy. If you’d prefer to leave the foraging for the best strains to us and keep things simple, look for the Fall BackPack Smash Hits bundle. You’ll get a gram each of Hippy Slayer, Kingston Kind, and Stardawg.

Fernway has two awesome vape picks for autumn too, whether you’re team pumpkin spice or prefer a different autumn flavor. Be sure to look for both Honeycrisp and Pumpkin Spice vapes, both of which are heavy-hitting hybrid strains saturated with fall flavors.

Looking for a sweet edible treat to enjoy with your pumpkin spice coffee? The Cookies & Scream White Chocolate Bar from Coast Cannabis Co. is absolutely a delicious pairing.


What is the best weed for fall to get out and enjoy the views?

You can find some of the best spots for leaf-peeping and smoking weed in Mass. But the key is to make sure you get the right weed to meld well with the outdoor experience.

Whether you are heading out to hit the trails around October Mountain or checking out Bash Bish Falls, certain products will wholly elevate the experience. A few top recommendations for hiking include:

  • 1906 Go Drops – A pill with a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC that yields a punch of energy
  • Betty’s Eddies Go Betty Go Fruit Chews – Made with caffeine, THC, THCV, and other ingredients to keep you moving
  • Smash Hits Blue Dream – A mid-range Sativa that leaves you highly motivated and focused
  • Rythm L’Orange Disposable Vape – An energizing Sativa vape with exceptional uplift and focus to give

What’s best if the waning sunshine puts you in some kind of mood?

Hey, we get it. As beautiful as fall can be, it also means winter is on the way, far less sunshine around, and sometimes, a bad case of the moody blues.

If you find yourself feeling melancholic and down, certain strains and products work awesome as pick-me-ups in spite of the season. A few good ones to look for on our dispensary menus include:

  • Insa Rocket Pop Vape Carts – This heavy-handed hybrid just has a summertime feel with frosty berry flavors and loads of emotional uplift
  • Smash Hits Kingston Kind 1:1 Pre-Roll – This easy-does-it, high-CBD strain serves up energetic pops and excellent mood-boosting properties
  • Volcanna Lemon Haze Crumble – A potent Sativa concentrate with excellent happy vibes

If the idea of another year closing out has you stressed, be sure to check out the best and worst cannabis strains for anxiety and stress relief.

Find All the Best Weed for Fall at Canna Provisions

Whether your idea of the perfect autumn involves bonfires and pumpkin spice or simply something to keep your spirits bright, start your journey at Canna Provisions. We have one of the largest collections of the best weed in Massachusetts, as well as all the edibles, concentrates, vapes, and more you could ask for. Keep an eye on our Holyoke and Lee menus during every season to see what we’ve got to offer.

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