stardawg corey cut corey haim smash hits chemdog canna provisions

Posted on April 19th, 2021 by Canna Provisions

Stardawg Strain (Corey Cut) – Smash Hits Strain by Chemdog

stardawg corey cut corey haim smash hits chemdog canna provisionsBlanketed in twinkling trichomes, the Stardawg strain surely catches some worthy attention from onlookers. With unforgettable aromatics, high THC content, and effects that may just leave you pondering why the stars twinkle, Stardawg is a highly sought-after Smash Hits strain for all good reasons. Here’s the rundown on this favorite, famed strain.

Strain Summary:

JJ of Top Dog genetics famously bred this Stardawg using the “dawg” vs “dog” spelling out of respect to Chemdog (and to avoid confusion in the strains bred by each). What that also means is the Corey Cut is the coveted phenotype breeder AJ (of Sour Diesel fame) brought to the game, and he gave it the “Corey” moniker for reasons he can tell you if you ever meet him. We can tell you it’s got plenty of the traits of its parents in the nose department. Of the various Stardawgs, the Corey Cut is the “novices-beware” one to write home about.

Stardawg Strain Info

Stardawg Strain Genetics

Stardawg is a cross between Chem 4 and Tresdawg. The Stardawg strain was bred by JJ of Top Dog Genetics and tagged with “dawg” instead of “dog” out of respect to Chemdog. The Corey Cut of Stardawg is the strain most appreciated by aficionados for its potent THC content and effects.

  • Chem 4 x Tresdawg

Terpene Profile of the Stardawg Weed Strain

The dominant terpene in the Stardawg strain is caryophyllene, which means a telltale spiciness where the flavor is concerned. Yet the spice of the strain is well-balanced with citrus and diesel. You may even catch a hint of garlic in the mix if you consider yourself an attentive smoker.

Flavor Profile: Spice, sour citrus and misty diesel gas, and essence of garlic for those who can catch it.

stardawg corey cut corey haim smash hits chemdog canna provisions

Stardawg Effects: What to Expect

You’d be hard-pressed not to find a Stardawg strain review without mention of its energetic mind buzz. This strain may leave you physically flattened, but the philosophical uplift almost always steps in line just the same. So, don’t be surprised if you find yourself stargazing and thinking philosophically at some point with this strain. You can expect a nice mental uplift with a jolt of euphoria initially, paired with an uber-calming body high a little later.

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Try Stardawg and Other Strains from the Smash Hits Collection

If you’re looking for a nice hybrid strain with a good mix of uplift and relaxation, Stardawg is your go-to. The Stardawg strain is just one of the famed Smash Hits collection pulled together by the real Chem Dog, our Head Grower at Canna Provisions. Be sure to check out our locations and menus to get a look at the other contenders in the Smash Hits lineup.

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