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Smash Hits

Would the real Chemdog please stand up? The man and the legit strain are right here at Canna Provisions. Our Head Grower has worked hard to propagate some of the best green imaginable, and, now, he’s pulled them all into one awe-inspiring collection. Our collection of Smash Hits Strains, including the authentic Chem 91 (Chemdog), is the stuff that a weed lover’s dreams are made of.

Meet Chemdog: The Real OG and Our Head Grower

The real OG, the D-O-G, Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski, is the Director of Cultivations right here at Canna Provisions. Even if you don’t know the man, you may know the weed strain that bears the same name, “Chemdog,” or even some of the beloved offspring from Chemdog weed like Sour Diesel or OG Kush. Keep reading.

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Smash Hits Strains

The Smash Hits Strains are a hand-selected collection of top-shelf strains, including Chem 91, which hails from that one famous plant all those years ago. The collection contains numerous artfully crafted strains and varieties that Chemdog has propagated over the last several decades, many of which are already highly sought-after. A few of the strains you’ll see turn up in the Smash Hits strain collection include:

Peach Crescendo

As one of the relatively new strains from Chemdog’s Smash Hits lineup, the Peach Crescendo Strain is the epitome of “top shelf” weed. With a group of famous parents, telltale aromatics, and long-lasting effects, it’s hard to find a Peach Crescendo strain review with something negative to say. Here’s a closer look.

White Runtz

Potent, long-lasting, and sweet, the White Runtz strain is quite the stunner. This particular strain has gotten many nods, specifically for its long-lasting effects and fruity sweetness that sends you smooth-sailing into absolute giddy bliss. Here’s a quick White Runtz strain review to give you an idea of what to expect.

Wonka Bars

What do you get when you cross one of Chem D’s offspring with Mint Chocolate Chip? A nutty, sweet smoke wrapped in mint that kicks up your happy meter first with an energetic pop, then tucks you onto the couch with a weighted blanket to relax. The Wonka Bars strain does just that, and you can’t help but love it for its effects and candy-like flavor and appearance. Here’s a closer look at this weed strain.

Stardawg (Corey Cut)

Blanketed in twinkling trichomes, the Stardawg strain surely catches some worthy attention from onlookers. With unforgettable aromatics, high THC content, and effects that may just leave you pondering why the stars twinkle, Stardawg is a highly sought-after strain for all good reasons. Here’s the rundown on this favorite, famed strain.

3 Dog Giesel

Info coming soon.

Chem 91

There’s no match for the real OG: the Chem 91 strain, aka Chemdog. You don’t get the chance to enjoy the authentic strain that comes from a 30-year-old cut very often, but Chem 91 from Canna Provisions is the real deal. We know because “Chem Dog,” the original discoverer, happens to be our head grower. Check out the details on the Chem 91 weed strain.

MAC 1 (Cap's Cut)

Some strains are the stuff of legend. The MAC 1 strain (Cap’s cut) is the prime example. Cap has one rule: Only those who could truly appreciate the strain could get access to his genetics and cuts. Lucky for us, Chemdog is our head grower, and Chemdog happens to be one of the elite few to be trusted to grow Cap’s cut of MAC 1, which comes from his personal crop. Take a closer look at MAC 1.

Chemdog S1

Info coming soon.


All decked out in orange pistils, purple and green flowers, and a sheath of trichome, the Zookies strain is no doubt a sight to behold, but the strain’s effects are just as appreciable. A lot mind-bending and a lot relaxing, Zookies does not disappoint, whether you’re a novice or a well-seasoned cannabis aficionado. Learn more.

Kingston Kind

The Kingston Kind strain has its origins in its namesake of Kingston, Jamaica, cultivated from mysterious seed origins with 1:1 THC:CBD composition. From its Jamaican roots and a deep history of producing a positive, energetic sensation with an all-body high, Kingston Kind offers focus and motivation when consumed, whether you need creative inspiration or the juice to finish household chores. Learn More

Chem S1

When you come from hearty stock, you can be sure you will carry the traits of your impressive parents. At least that’s the deal with Chem S1, which essentially means Chem D that’s been “selfed” or bred from a single Chem D seed thanks to the fact once in a blue moon a seed will come from a male flower. Chemdog took that seed and cultivated into this Chem S1. Learn More

Ready to get your hands on the Smash Hits from Chemdog?

The Smash Hits Collection—it’s been 30 years in the making, and we’re honored to be the dispensary delivering the goods. Smash Hits Strains are available in pre-rolls or flower on a revolving basis depending on what we have in stock—and what Chemdog chooses to grow or include—at any given time. So be sure to take a look at our menu and check back frequently to catch them all.

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As the story goes, Chemdog came across some really good weed called Dogbud at a Grateful Dead concert over 30 years ago. He nabbed a few seeds from his stash, grew them, and came out with three female plants. One of those girls became Chem 91, otherwise known as the famed “Chemdog.”

While Chem 91’s genetics are not completely understood, this is a hybrid strain that leans toward Sativa dominance. But there is absolutely no question that you will be able to identify this strain after one encounter. Chem 91 has a robust terpene profile, which makes it especially pungent. Chem 91 delivers a trademark happy high and one-two punch of cerebral-then-bodily effects.

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