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Posted on June 25th, 2024 by Canna Provisions

2024’s Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Massachusetts

Whether you’re island hopping around The Cape, exploring the natural beauty of the Berkshires, or hanging out in Boston, you can find some of the best dispensaries in Massachusetts. From cannabis shops dedicated to medical marijuana patients to fun dispensaries focused on keeping classic strains alive, you can find it all right here in the Bay State. Not sure where to take your business? Check out this list of the best dispensaries in Massachusetts 2023.

Best Dispensary in Massachusetts (Southern & Western Mass)

Canna Provisions in Lee and Holyoke, MA

  • Type: Recreational

Canna Provisions is known as the place to better your journey when it comes to life and weed. With two dispensary locations, one in the Berkshires in Lee and another in southern Mass near Springfield, Canna Provisions is hailed for having some of the best recreational dispensaries in Massachusetts. However, we are also known for our upbeat dispensary settings where everyone feels right at home and comfortable enough to ask all the questions.

The dispensary founders set out on a mission to make sure customers always had access to the highest-grade cannabis, and we continue to deliver in every regard. We take great pride in building one of the best menus in the state, which includes:

Chemdog and The Smash Hits Collection

Canna Provisions has a rather well-known Head of Cultivation—Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski—aka, the “Father of Kind Bud” and the cultivator of the long-beloved Chemdog strain. The fact that Chem himself is our head grower means he brings those classic strains right here to Massachusetts, which you can find in our Smash Hits collection. With strain picks like the original Chem 91, the always-popular Stardawg, or the highly-prized California Raisins, the Smash Hits collection is truly something to appreciate.


Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Massachusetts (Boston Area)

Revolutionary Clinics in Somerville, MA

  • Type: Medical

Revolutionary Clinics is located in the Greater Boston area and was once voted the best medical marijuana dispensary in the state. Their standing as one of the greats continues to hold true, according to customers. Rev does an excellent job of pulling together the most well-tested, highest-quality cannabis products in the state. But beyond that, the team works hard to bring patients and the right cannabis products together, so they always have the best experience. In addition, Revolutionary Clinics offers affordable pricing and good deals on premium products.

NETA Dispensary in Brookline, Boston

  • Type: Medical and Recreational

NETA started out as a medical marijuana dispensary serving the Boston metro area but now serves adult-use customers as well. NETA is open seven days a week for customer convenience, and this location does offer both curbside pickup and delivery within a narrow radius. With an impressive collection of cannabis from the top brands in the state, this dispensary makes it easy to find the flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, and edibles you want. Additionally, the dispensary has a reputation for going above and beyond when it comes to treating customers right.

Best Dispensaries in Massachusetts (The Cape and Islands)

The Haven Center Boutique Dispensary in Provincetown, MA

  • Type: Recreational

If you’re looking for the best recreational dispensary in Provincetown, The Haven Center never disappoints. The Haven Center was brought to life by lifelong residents of Cape Cod with a deep appreciation for cannabis and all the benefits it could provide. This boutique-style cannabis dispensary specializes in providing customers with premium customers cultivated by the finest farms in the state. However, this welcoming dispensary also provides a wide array of other top-shelf cannabis products, including pre-rolls, the best concentrates, and more.

The Green Lady Dispensary in Nantucket, MA

  • Type: Recreational

One of only a few dispensaries on Nantucket, The Green Lady is a small recreational dispensary with an upstanding reputation for good weed. The Green Lady was the very first minority and female-owned cannabis business to open in MA. With roots in Jamaican Heritage, the owners bring the same inspirational culture to the cannabis-shopping experience. Customers have a lot of good things to say about The Green Lady, especially when it comes to providing the best selection of locally grown products.

Best Dispensaries in Massachusetts (Northern Mass)

Mission Cannabis Dispensary in Georgetown, MA

  • Type: Medical and Recreational

Situated in the far northeastern corner of the state, Mission Georgetown is one of the last dispensaries you’ll find on your way to the New Hampshire border. Mission began as a medical-only dispensary, but later transitioned to serving both medical marijuana and adult-use customers. With a sincere commitment to providing high-quality cannabis products and an inviting environment, the dispensary has repeatedly been called one of the best in the area. Customers claim Mission is the go-to place if you want to be treated like family and find the best prices in the area.

Smyth Cannabis Co. in Lowell, MA

  • Type: Recreational

Smyth Cannabis Co. is a combination cultivator and dispensary located in the northern part of Massachusetts. Smyth has a 15,000-square-foot cultivation facility that is known to produce some of the best cannabis in the state. The dispensary is just as highly prized with an incredible selection of pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, and flower. The retail location is spacious enough to explore and learn during your visit, but budtenders are always available to offer guidance and advice.

Be Sure to Visit the Best Recreational Dispensaries in Massachusetts

When you want the best Massachusetts dispensary, you can count on either Canna Provisions location to deliver. We’ve been around for a while, and we’re proud of our reputation as one of the best places to shop for cannabis in New England. If you will be in either southern MA or near The Berkshires, be sure to take a look at our Holyoke and Lee menu before you arrive.




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